Gator Park Insights: 5 Fascinating Facts About Florida’s Alligators

Alligators may not be the most tender or snuggly creatures, but they are some of the planet’s most enthralling and awe-inspiring animals. Their intimidating jaws and aquatic abilities make them a must-see for both visitors and locals. Embarking on a Florida Everglades airboat tour is an outstanding way to witness these alligators; it’s not the…
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Why an Orlando Airboat Ride is the Perfect Mix of Action and Relaxation

Every airboat experience is different! Whether you’ve been on one one hundred times or this is the first experience on your next vacation, every experience is a little different. Many people say they find themselves thrilled and eager one minute, then humbled by the beauty of the Everglades, totally relaxed the next. Here are the…
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5 Things Your Kids Will Love About Airboat Rides in Orlando

As a parent, the quest for unique and exhilarating adventures for your kids is never-ending, especially on vacation. However, with new things popping up all the time and little information on what to expect from them, it can be hard to gauge if all the Orlando trips and tours out there will be something your…
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Why Wild Florida is a Great Everglades Airboat Tour

The holiday is just around the corner, and we understand trying to fill your vacation with activities may be quite difficult. We want to make sure you get the most out of your money when planning your family vacation and want to take your kiddos on the ultimate adventure. In Central Florida, the number of…
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What You Need to Know About a Night Airboat Excursion

The Everglades is home to over 350 species of wildlife including alligators, birds, and mammals such as the Florida Panther! Although we’d like to say it’s possible to spot all of these wild animals on one Wild Florida airboat tour, with the Everglades covering 7,800 square miles, it’s difficult to do so. In addition to…
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Three Alligator Myths Straight from an Orlando Gator Park

While running a Gator Park and giving alligator tours near Orlando, Wild Florida has heard misperceptions about the American alligator for years. Since gators can be found throughout Florida, we think it’s important to set the record straight and educate visitors about these iconic Florida reptiles. Alligator Quick Facts: The average length of an alligator…
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Add a Wild Florida Airboat Tour to your Ecotourism Bucket List

Buzzing across Lake Cypress on a Wild Florida Airboat Tour is magical. Gliding on the water is an exciting way to connect with nature. It’s fast! It’s fun! And when your captain catches a patch of cattail bushes just right, it feels like you’re soaring alongside the birds. On a hot, sticky Florida day, an…
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Must-Have Gator-Themed Souvenirs Only at Wild Florida

The folks at Wild Florida are obsessed with alligators. If you love gators as much as they do, you’re going to need to leave some room in your suitcase for the ultimate gator souvenirs to bring back from your visit to Florida. (Because like real gators, ain’t small!) We’ll tell you why these gifts are…
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