With a wide variety of activities, SeaWorld is a great idea for the first full day of your vacation – stadium-style shows means there are tons to see without having to line up in the searing heat! Make sure you pick up a show schedule and take 10 minutes to plan your day proceeding clockwise (or counter-clockwise for you lefties) around the park – running from one side to the other will get old fast!

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      New Attractions At SeaWorld

      Named after the icy Arctic summits, Ice Breaker features four airtime filled launches, both backwards and forwards, culminating in a reverse launch into the steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida – a 93 feet tall spike with 100 degree angle. The thrills continue as riders fly over a near vertical tophat maneuver into a series of exciting twists, turns, and airtime hills.

      Our Favorites At SeaWorld

      Mako – it’s everything they promised it would be! (54″ height restriction)

      Sea Lion & Otter Show – best thing in the park without fins & a tail.

      Infinity Falls – wet wet wet!

      Ice Breaker – chills!

      Turtle Trek – an inspiring story kids will love.

      Kraken – mind-blowing!

      Journey To Atlantis – look for a big wet finish! (42″ height restriction)

      Sesame Street at SeaWorld  – come see Elmo and the gang and all your other favorite neighborhood residents!

      Stingray Lagoon – pleasantly low key and quite unique.

      Dolphin Cove – you can’t go wrong with this one.

      Pets Ahoy – air conditioned  and so darn cute!

      Trainer For a Day – this behind the scenes tour costs extra, but for certain individuals could be the highlight of the vacation!

      Manta – come ‘hang’ out on this inspired piece of thrill ride engineering! (54″ height restriction)

      Mako – fastest, tallest, longest!

      Insider Tips When Visiting SeaWorld

      Animal Rescue – You might want to consider signing up for To The Rescue, a behind the scenes look at how sick or distressed animals are taken in, cared for and eventually released back into the wild.

      Splash Zone – The salt water in the splash zones will RUIN camera equipment – you have been warned!


      Rides & Attractions At SeaWorld

      Infinity Falls

      Calling all explorers – are you brave enough to embark on an expedition to the world’s tallest river rapid drop? Explore the base camp set up by those who first made the discovery, and then climb aboard your raft and unearth the secrets of this lost rainforest river. Keep your wits about you as you pass drenching fountains and waterfalls. Hold on tight! The roaring rapids look like they might just send you flying over that huge drop!


      SeaWorld has delivered the thrills with Mako, the fastest, tallest, longest coaster in the Orlando market. The ride is designed as a “hypercoaster,” which experts define as having a height of 200 feet, high speed, no inversions and a bundle of air time — the lift out of seats that enthusiasts covet. For the record, it’s getting rave reviews!


      The mighty Kraken, meanwhile, is hailed by ‘coaster heads’ as the best ride of it’s kind in town. Don an optional virtual reality headset on ‘Kraken Unleashed’ and  prepare to embark on a deep-sea mission alongside sea creatures inspired by extinct and legendary animals of the past. You may have imagined what this mythological brute looks like but soon you’ll come face-to-face with him and others as you enter their world…deep, deep under the sea.

      Journey To Atlantis

      Journey To Atlantis, a cross between a log flume and rollercoaster, has two of the steepest, wettest drops you’ll find anywhere.


      Then there’s Manta, which swoops around the park like a giant ray with riders suspended underneath it’s ‘wings’ – it’s a whole new genre of coaster, one that has upped the thrill stakes all across town!

      Antarctica – Empire of The Penguin

      Antarctica – Empire of The Penguin is a state of the art ‘trackless’ dark ride culminating in an up-close (splashing distance!) encounter with numerous species of penguins. The birds are NOT behind glass so as habitats go this is really something quite unique. It get’s very chilly as the main exhibit is kept at a very ‘fresh’ 40 degrees – not to mention the lighting is on ‘Antarctic’ time so the odds are it’s probably not going to be a sunny encounter!

      Orca Encounter

      Learn more about killer whales and connect in an inspiring new way with the ocean’s most powerful predator. Killer whales are the perfect ambassadors for the ocean. Limitless, powerful, connected…but still vulnerable.  Discover the importance of play for orcas and dive deeper into their masterful hunting techniques.  You’ll witness thrilling natural orca behaviors and learn more about them than ever before. Orca Encounter will leave you with a deeper understanding of these magnificent animals and will inspire you to care even more profoundly for the wonders of our natural world.

      Dine With Orcas

      Dive into one of Orlando’s most immersive and memorable family dining experiences: Dine with Orcas. Dine next to killer whales and watch the specialized care they receive daily in their home. Following your meal, you’ll get an up-close view into the relationship shared between our animal care specialists and killer whales as you discover the unique characteristics of these majestic animals. Throughout your experience, you’ll learn about the small yet impactful measures we all can take to help save valuable ocean resources by enjoying sustainable foods and preserving natural habitats.

      Dolphins & Stingrays

      Key West at SeaWorld is home to Stingray Lagoon and Dolphin Cove – both are very hands on. Look out for posted feeding times at the Stingray pool.  The underwater dolphin viewing area is excellent and features underwater microphones that allow you to hear the dolphins’ clicks as they talk to each other.

      Pacific Point Preserve

      Pacific Point Preserve is where dozens of California Sea Lions (and half the local bird population) ride the waves in search of a fishy handout. Again feeding times are posted.

      Manatees The Last Generation? is a good place to introduce children to SeaWorld’s animal rescue program. The environmental message is quite clear – and the number of manatees and other marine creatures rescued and rehabilitated in an average year by the park’s specialist teams will astound you.


      The Manatee Rehabilitation Area is a good place to introduce children to SeaWorld’s animal rescue program. The environmental message is quite clear – and the number of manatees and other marine creatures rescued and rehabilitated in an average year by the park’s specialist teams will astound you.

      Dolphin Days

      Dolphin Days is a festive celebration of the natural world starring the ocean’s most playful ambassador, the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin. This one fills up fast so get there well before show time.

      Sea Lion & Otter Show

      The most popular sit-down presentation is the Sea Lion & Otter Show starring the very amusing antics of Messrs. Clyde and Seamore.

      Wild Arctic

      By contrast, Wild Arctic involves a rather more adventurous helicopter ‘flight’ to the base station where you can venture above and beneath the ice to meet walruses, seals and beluga whales.

      Pets Ahoy

      Pets Ahoy on the other hand makes stars of regular cats and dogs as they yip, yap and meow their way through numerous skits, stunts and musical numbers – every one of these animal actors is a rescue who’s been given a new lease of life!

      Sesame Street®

      Take a walk down Sesame Street and bring your family to the neighbourhood your favourite furry friends call home. Stop by the famous stoop at 123, explore the inside of Hooper’s Store, then head for big fun at Big Bird’s Nest. Catch some shade and chill out for a little while.

      Elmo’s Choo Choo Train – an interactive bell-ringing, horn-honking train ride you won’t want to miss!

      Abby’s Flower Tower – a sprinkle of magic from Abby Cadabby’s wand will send you up, up, up in colorful flower pots!

      Super Grover’s Box Car Derby – Sesame Street’s own furry superhero wants you behind the wheel for a racing good time!

      Cookie Drop – get carried away in a cloud of cookie crumbs as you bounce up and down!

      Slimey’s Slider – an exhilarating swoop and swivel ride through Oscar the Grouch’s treasured compost collection!

      Big Bird’s Twirl ‘n Whirl – ready… set … spin around and around with a friend  in a nest all of your own!

      Location & Info

      Location: 7007 SeaWorld Drive, Orlando FL 32821
      Telephone: (800) 327-2424 or (407) 351-3600

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