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Florida’s Space Coast is like no other. With over 72 miles of coastline, it’s incredibly diverse from north to south and has an adventure for every visitor. As you discover what makes up Florida’s Space Coast, you will learn that it is so much more than the place for space. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway a family vacation, or a cruise from Port Canaveral, we invite you to find your space, plant your beach chair and breathe in the ocean air.

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There are three species of sea turtles that make the Space Coast its home: the Loggerhead, the Leatherback, and Green sea turtles.


The Space Coast of Florida is where astronauts sat atop a fiery explosion that hurled them 238,000 miles to the moon and then back


Florida’s largest craft brewery is located on Florida’s Space Coast, minutes away from Port Canaveral’s cruise terminals.

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Attractions on Florida’s Space Coast

Stretching 72 miles along Florida’s East Coast, the Space Coast continues to enliven, entertain and inspire more and more visitors each year. While we’re known as the home of America’s space program, Orlando’s closest beaches and some of the best surfing in the country, this is only a taste of what our area has to offer.

Check out the Space Coast’s Top 10 Attractions or Top 10 Free Things to Do. Whether you dream of excitement and entertainment, or simplistic peace and tranquility, Florida’s Space Coast has what you’re seeking.