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    The Florida Aquarium enables you to get up close to many of Florida’s aquatic and terrestrial animals and ecosystems, as well as others from around the world. More than a must-see attraction, they are working to protect and restore our blue planet on many conservation fronts, including research and rescue efforts that help restore Florida’s sea turtle and coral populations and to ensure that sharks continue to swim our seas.

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    The Aquarium has partnered with Zoo Tampa in a joint venture known as Tampa's ZooQuarium - twice the fun and twice the value!


    There are 14,000 animals in this facility!


    The Aquarium has educated more than 1.7 million students and rescued hundreds of animals since opening.

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    A Summer of Fun With Tampa's ZooQuarium Ticket

    It’s time for some great Sumer savings over in Tampa Bay! Florida Aquarium and ZooTampa have combined forces to offer you an amazing two for the price…

    Tampa's ZooQuarium Ticket Offers A Great Deal & Twice The Fun

    ZooTampa and the Florida Aquarium, two of Florida’s best loved attractions have combined forces to offer you an amazing two for the price of one experience over…

    Spring Into A Great Deal With Tampa’s ZooQuarium Ticket

    It's time for some great Spring savings over in Tampa Bay! Florida Aquarium and ZooTampa have combined forces to offer you an amazing two for the price…

    The Florida Aquarium – Part of Tampa’s ZooQuarium

    Come see why The Florida Aquarium is rated as a top aquarium in North America!

    The Florida Aquarium experience is designed to take you on a journey, starting with a drop of water from one of Florida’s many freshwater springs, all the way out to the open waters of the Florida Keys. Sights include a large simulated wetlands environment located under a tall glass atrium, shallow bays and beaches, and a coral reef ecosystem encompassed in half a million gallons of natural seawater.

    Located in the Aquarium’s new Mosaic Exhibit Hall on the 2nd floor, MORPH’D is a highly interactive experience featuring utterly engaging and resilient species with unique adaptations. From the colorful to the camouflaged, from the slightly slimy to the super smooth, each animal in MORPH’D tells a unique story of survival. You’ll learn the shocking truth about electric eels and paddlefish, see through the eyes of a mudskipper or four-eyed fish and discover toxic tales of red cherry shrimp and poison dart frogs.

    Tampa’s ZooQuarium – Two Can’t-Miss Attractions. One Low Price. Countless Memories.


    ZooQuarium tickets  include admission to BOTH of these world class attractions and an experience your family will not soon forget.

    No Bones Zone

     Touch and learn about unusual creatures that have no backbone: anemones, sea cucumbers, sea stars and more!

    Journey to Madagascar

    In this unique and beautiful place, you’ll see lemurs, chameleons, geckos and a colorful Indian Ocean reef. You can even crawl inside a tree full of hissing cockroaches!

    Wetlands Trail

    Take a hike on Florida’s Wetlands Trail and see alligators, otters and free-flying birds. Invasive pythons live here too!

    Coral Reef

    The secrets of Florida’s coral reefs are revealed – occupants include Stingrays, Porcupine Fish, Sand Tiger Sharks, Barracudas, Green SeaTurtles, Moray Eels , Nurse Sharks & Lion Fish.

    Some undersea creatures are hard to spot – seahorses, dwarf seahorses and pipefish live in a miniature world all of their own. See how their camouflage helps them sneak up on prey and hide from predators. The Florida Aquarium successfully breeds dwarf seahorses. Keep an eye out for their babies; they are even tinier than the adults!

    Waves of Wonder

    Check out some very amusing Clown Fish, cool jawfish, several varieties of jellies and learn what makes an Octopus one of the oceans most fascinating creatures.

    The Splash Pad

    Children 11 years of age and under can experience fantastic fun in the kids’ outdoor play zone with both wet and dry play elements! The zero-depth water area features water dump buckets, spray zones and a designated water play area for toddlers.

    Access to The Splash Pad is included with Aquarium general admission.

    Open daily from 10 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. (weather permitting)

    Moon Bay

    This is a unique experience where guests may touch Moon jellies (more commonly called jellyfish) and learn about these creatures that have existed for over 500 million years.

    SeaTREK Experience

    Walk underwater side-by-side with many types of sea life including reef fishes, rays, a loggerhead sea turtle, bonnethead sharks and much more. This experience is designed for non-divers age 10 or older. Aquarium admission is included for all in-water experience participants. Just bring a swimsuit, towel and shower items but you must book SeaTREK in advance.

    Wild Dolphin Cruise

    The Florida Aquarium Wild Dolphin CruiseThe Wild Dolphin Cruise departs twice daily from The Florida Aquarium (weather permitting.) This 75- minute cruise includes an informative tour and an opportunity to spot wild dolphins aboard the 72-foot, powered catamaran, the Bay Spirit II.

    Tickets must be purchased 30 minutes or further in advance of your cruise departure time either online or onsite. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your cruise in the staging area near our outdoor Fins bar.

    If we spot a group of dolphins, we’ll keep a safe distance to abide by state and federal laws protection laws, yet we’ll still get to witness their incredible natural behaviors – fishing and feeding, playing, sleeping, and even moms teaching their babies!

    Cruises leave the Aquarium daily – weather permitting. Inside our air-conditioned cabin you will find two restrooms. Snacks, drinks, beer, and wine are also available for purchase. The upper deck allows for the enjoyment of the Bay’s fresh, salty air and gives a bird’s eye view during the tour.

    Must be purchased directly from The Florida Aquarium on day of visit

    Food & Drink

    The Florida Aquarium has an onsite restaurant, Café Ray, that offers a variety of menu items such as salads, pizza, loaded nachos, hamburgers, chicken tenders, grab-and-go options, and more. Find the Café Ray menu here. Additionally, guests will find beverages and seasonal treats at The Cove (located in the Outdoor Plaza of The Florida Aquarium).

    Due to the nature of the facility and the safety of its animals with open exhibits, The Florida Aquarium isn’t able to allow outside food and drink into the Aquarium. This does not include bottles or baby food for infants.

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    Location & Info

    Location: 701 Channelside Dr, Tampa, FL 33602
    Telephone: (813) 273-4000
    Website: www.flaquarium.org