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    Buy KSC Adult Tickets At Kids Prices This Summer

    Kennedy Space Center

    Budding astronauts (and their parents!) will thoroughly enjoy a visit to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Located just 45 minutes east of the Orlando International Airport, this unique experience is well worth the drive. The visitor complex defies categorization with a mix of attractions, interactive experiences and simulators, historically based behind-the-scenes tours, exclusive exhibits and out-of-this-world immersive space films. In short, it’s a vacation destination like no place else on Earth.

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      The future of space travel comes to life with the Gateway the brand-new attraction, featuring the spaceport of the future, Spaceport KSC, and an all-new restaurant, Space Bowl BistroThe 50,000-square-foot, multi-level attraction rises majestically in the shadow of the Rocket Garden, and engages and inspires guests through one-of-a-kind experiences, artifacts and exhibits. Featuring a comprehensive collection of modern-day spacecraft, Gateway gives guests the chance to see the airport of the future and experience the future of space travel in ways never before possible. Through immersive education, atmospheric effects and a motion theater, guests see, experience and feel what it’s like to travel in space.

      Gateway Deep sapce

      Live Launches

      Lots of LIVE rocket launches are scheduled for this year –  with SpaceX and United Launch Alliance having operations at the cape launches  take place on a regular basis. Check HERE for a calendar of launches and events.


      KSC Bus Tour

      TV personality, public speaker and author Emily Calandrelli, a.k.a. The Space Gal, is the host of the very entertaining video shown on the KSC Bus Tour. Guests will go behind the scenes  “following” space guide Emily as she interviews NASA subject matter experts and explores fascinating details about past and future launches. This is the only way that the public is allowed access to restricted areas of Kennedy Space Center, the working spaceflight facility where America launched to the Moon and where NASA plans to send astronauts into deep space.

      Our Favorites

      Live Rocket Launches – earth shaking magnificence!

      Saturn V Center– how did they get off the ground?

      Bus Tours– educational and excellent overall.

      IMAX Movies– mind-blowing!

      Insider Tips

      Plan your day – there’s loads to do and see so get there early and plan a FULL day over on the Space coast.

      Bus Tours

      Go “behind the gates” to get a glimpse of Kennedy Space Center on one of the daily tours, departing by bus every 15 minutes from the visitor complex. Experienced tour guides take you past some of the most iconic NASA landmarks including the 525-foot-high Vehicle Assembly Building where rockets and the space shuttles were stacked in preparation for launch, a crawler-transporter used to move Apollo moon rockets and space shuttles to the launch pad, the new countdown clock at NASA’s Press Site and a working launch pad. If you’re lucky, you may even spot some rare refuge wildlife on the way. The tour ends at the Apollo/Saturn V Center, where you’re free to explore at your own pace before you board another bus back to the visitor complex.

      Kennedy space center tour

      Apollo Saturn V Center

      The Apollo/Saturn V Center features the most awesome piece of hardware you’ll ever get to stand underneath – the mighty Saturn V. Do what others have only imagined as you touch a real moon rock and get an up-close look at the moon dust that traveled home on Alan Shepard’s moon suit. Relive the wonder and excitement of the Apollo era in this one-of-a-kind attraction that celebrates the unprecedented achievement of putting a man on the moon.

      Astronaut Training Experience

      In the  Astronaut Training Experience® (ATX) at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, train like the next generation of space explorers who will travel to Mars, and be transported to the red planet to live and work for the day. During ATX, hone your docking skills, navigate the Mars terrain and experience the sensation of conducting a spacewalk in a microgravity environment. Mars Base 1 invites Rookie Astronauts to manage operations, harvest vegetables in the botany lab, and work through challenges of thriving in the harsh environment. It is an experience like no other on the planet.

      Space Shuttle Highlights

      With so much to see and do, you can spend a day or more experiencing the multiple attractions and shows. Don’t miss the iconic Space Shuttle Atlantis® attraction where you can come nose to nose with the priceless spacecraft that successfully flew 33 missions and still bears the scorch marks and space dust of more than 126 million miles and 307 days in space. Launch into space aboard the Shuttle Launch Experience® ride.


      IMAX Movie

      Settle down and immerse yourself in the mysteries of space during an awe inspiring 3D space film, shown on a five-and-a-half-story IMAX® screen. This is a terrific way to end your day, in air-conditioned comfort and dwarfed by images that will simply take your breath away!

      Heroes & Legends

      At Heroes & Legends, you can relive the thrills and dangers of America’s earliest space missions and embark on an awe-inspiring journey designed to spark thought about how humans define a hero. Experience the dawn of the space age with astronaut pioneers through a mix of 4D multisensory theater and actual artifacts including a Redstone rocket suspended overhead along with the Sigma 7 capsule and a uniquely close-up look at the Gemini 9 capsule. Learn which qualities define heroes before finding them among those inducted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame.

      Space Telescopes

      Journey through time and space to the farthest reaches of the universe at “Eyes on the Universe: NASA’S Space Telescopes,” the newest and only 3D 4K resolution show at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. During this live presentation, traverse back in time 13.4 billion years ago through the eyes of the Hubble Space Telescope and uncover what is yet to be seen with the next great observatory under development: NASA’s James Webb Telescope.

      Astronaut Encounter

      Meet a veteran NASA astronaut at Astronaut Encounter, a live show featuring face to face question and answer sessions with real astronauts. You can also chat with an Astronaut, which is just as fascinating and includes snacks and light refreshments .


      Rocket Garden

      Go stand among the giants of early space exploration in the Rocket Garden, home to the rockets from the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions. Still magnificent to look at they concur up childhood memories for many visitors who remember the race for space with the Russians.


      Location & Info

      Location: State Road 405 East, Cape Canaveral, FL 32899
      Telephone: (321) 449-4400
      Website: www.kennedyspacecenter.com

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