5 Reasons You Should Begin Your Vacation at Wild Florida’s Drive-Thru Safari Park

Millions of visitors from around the world visit Central Florida each year for their dream vacation. While some gravitate towards popular theme parks in the area, it may be worthwhile to start your journey at a place that provides a deep connection to Florida’s natural wonders. Wild Florida provides an unforgettable experience that allows tourists to interact with the state’s wildlife and landscapes in a significant way. Here’s why Wild Florida should be your first stop on your family’s next vacation.

Drive-Thru Safari Park Adventures

wild florida drive thru


Experience wildlife like never before while touring their Drive-thru Safari Park from the safety and comfort of your car. This self-guided tour allows you to observe wild animals freely roaming around you and get up close to them. It’s an excellent opportunity to see wildlife in their natural habitat without having to leave your vehicle. Once you have completed the tour, remember to visit the Giraffe Platform to feed Walter and Leroy, two of the tallest residents in Central Florida.

Experience Real Florida Fun on Airboats

Let your hair blow in the wind on one of the best airboat rides in the Everglades. This wild ride is unlike any rollercoaster you’ve been on. Wild Florida offers expertly guided airboat tours over Lake Cypress, showcasing Florida’s untamed wilderness in a way that no pre-set track ever could. Each tour is uniquely tailored to the environment and helmed by captains with intimate knowledge of the waters.

Learn and Interact with Wildlife

Wild Florida provides an opportunity to explore the Everglades while learning about conservation. The park serves as a haven for many native species. Guests can participate in animal encounters throughout the park to gain insight into the animals and their natural habitats. Wild Florida’s animal trainers love sharing their knowledge of the park’s wildlife, so start writing down any questions you have.

Savor Authentic Southern Cuisine

Cap off your visit with a meal at the Chomp House Grill, where you can enjoy traditional Southern dishes with a Florida twist. Dining indoors or in the swamp-surrounded pavilion offers an experience as unique as the landscape itself.

Escape the Crowds

wild florida escape


At Wild Florida, you won’t find the typical theme park crowds or long lines. This hidden gem offers a spacious environment for the animals and visitors. The park has numerous shaded areas, making any brief waits comfortable. Waiting for an airboat tour at Wild Florida means relaxing on a covered deck until it’s your turn.

Kicking off your Florida vacation at Wild Florida offers a blend of adventure, relaxation, and educational experiences. It differs from any typical tourist destination. For those looking for something truly special, consider starting your day at the Drive-thru Safari Park and then heading to the Gator Park to make your visit unforgettable. From cruising through the safari park to learning about Florida’s wild and wonderful nature, Wild Florida is ready to show you the wild side of the Sunshine State.