More Great Attractions

Here are a selection of More Great Attractions which include activities that, generally speaking, you can enjoy in just a few hours. Many of these very creative specialty attractions are also excellent diversions if the weather is less than perfect, or if you simply don’t want to embark on yet another big theme park day out! None of these involves much physical exertion, the quality is excellent and they are aimed very much at a family audience.

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  • Fun Spot America Single Day One Park Pass
    Enjoy a family-friendly day of action-packed entertainment at Fun Spot America. With two locations to choose from, one in the heart of Orlando and one in Kissimmee, Fun Spot America offers an amazing choice of rides covering a range of ages and courage, so whether you are a thrill seeker or s..
    Adult Price: $42.00
    Child Price: $42.00
  • Skeletons: Animals Unveiled
    Save 15% when you use the discount code SKELETON at the checkout! SKELETONS: Animals Unveiled – Educational, Entertaining, Engaging!  450+ real skeletons creatively posed – Florida Wildlife, Reptiles, Africa, Marsupials and more.  Museum & unique Gift Shop.  The M..
    Adult Price: $12.00
    Child Price: $12.00
  • Crayola Experience Orlando
    Save 10% when you use the discount code CRAYOLA at the checkout! Save 15% when you use the discount code SKELETON at the checkout! - See more at: 2 levels and 70,000 ..
    Adult Price: $19.00
    Child Price: $19.00
  • Old Town Kissimmee Multi Attractions & Dinner Packages
    Old Town Kissmmee is a recreation of a calssic Florida town - a throwback to a time when crowds were a little smaller, lines a little shorter and the fun a little simpler. A walking district where the good times are authentic, the pace realistic, and the memories just as magical as any other Orla..
    Adult Price: $9.00
    Child Price: $9.00
  • Ripley's Believe It Or Not Orlando
    Looking like its about to disappear into a gaping Florida sinkhole, Ripley's Believe It Or Not is all about the weird, the unbelievable and the bizarre. Explorer Robert Ripley spent much of his life assembling a vast collection of human, animal, and scientific oddities from around the globe...
    Adult Price: $17.00
    Child Price: $12.00
  • WonderWorks All Access Ticket
    The stroy goes like this....Removed from the glare of the media and the encumbrances of governmental restrictions; a group of scientists from around the world collaborated to find answers to the unexplainable. Their mission: to understand, predict and control these phenomena. In early 1998, durin..
    Adult Price: $25.00
    Child Price: $21.00
  • WonderWorks VIP Combo Ticket
    This ticket includes ALL WonderWorks exhibits, the 4-D Theater, Laser Tag, the Glow-In-The-Dark Ropes Course, and a seat to the fantastic Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show. Enjoy non-stop laughter and food! The dinner includes unlimited pizza, salad, dessert, soda, beer and wine. The show is..
    Adult Price: $46.00
    Child Price: $36.00
  • Orlando Explorer Pass
    With the Orlando Explorer Pass you can take your pick from the list of 14 attractions experiences below – you can choose any four of the featured attractions and you have up to 30 days to visit your chosen 4 attraction experiences. Enjoy the flexibility to choose when you get there! Each pass..
    Adult Price: $75.00
    Child Price: $65.00

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