Things to do at Dr Phillips Center

Since opening in 2014, Dr Phillips Performing Arts Center has been named one of Travel + Leisure magazine’s “25 New Tourist Attractions Worth Adding to Your Bucket List.” True to its vision, Arts For Every Life®, it’s become a hub for the best international and local artists alike - representing virtually every genre of the performing arts.

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One of Travel + Leisure magazine’s “25 New Tourist Attractions Worth Adding to Your Bucket List.”


 The 2,700-seat Walt Disney Theater is a stunning setting on a par with anything in the USA.


The Steinmetz Hall has an NC1 perfect sound rating, letting you hear only the sound of the performers without amplification.

News About Dr Phillips Center

Add Dr. Philips Center To Your Bucket List

It took years of planning and millions of dollars, but Orlando finally has a world-class Performing Arts Center. But not just any Performing Arts Center, a state…

Putting The Passion In Ballet

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A Performance That's Acoustically Perfect!

It's so close you can almost hear it. Decades of dreaming, planning and hard work went into Phase 1 of the Dr. Phillips Center as you know it today. Come 2020…

What’s On While You’re In Town?

Check out what’s playing at the Dr Phillips Performing Arts Center while you’re in Orlando using the official  EVENTS CALENDAR.

At the Dr Phillips Performing Arts Center, you’ll find:
•    The 2,700-seat Walt Disney Theater
•    The 300-seat Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater
•    Seneff Arts Plaza
•    Dr. Phillips Center Florida Hospital School of the Arts
•    Event spaces for private rentals
•    Steinmetz Hall and The Green Room

From the tip of its iconic cantilever roof to the foot of every stage, the arts center is pure inspiration. So come to catch the biggest shows from Ballet or Broadway to concerts to comedy. There’s always something amazing happening here.

Walt Disney Theater

Certain details stand out right away: copper accents against cherry wood. White sails hanging below a blue “sky.” But there’s more to Walt Disney Theater than meets the eye—and ear. (After all, the acoustics are incredible from all 2,700+ seats.) Here, subtle design elements take you back to the classical outdoor theaters of ancient Greece—where exciting entertainment brought the whole community together.

Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater

Before your show even starts, you’ll realize the 294-seat Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater is anything but ordinary. The ceiling is covered with 32 vibrant abstract pieces custom-made by artist Tom McGrath. Aluminum balconies glow with tiny white lights. And of course, the acoustics shine, too—all to create an especially memorable experience.

Seneff Arts Plaza

This is your little oasis in the middle of the city—if only for an hour. You can swing by for any number of community events, or bring your own fun to Seneff Arts Plaza. Need a few ideas? Pack a picnic basket, soak up the sun in between adventures or meet a few locals and ask about restaurant recommendations. Plus, keep an eye out for food trucks, holiday festivities and diverse cultural events throughout the year.

Steinmetz Hall

Designed as a multiform acoustical theater, Steinmetz Hall achieves an NC1 perfect sound rating—letting you hear only the sound of the performers without amplification. The unique space’s stage, walls, and the floor move, getting longer, shorter or lower to host all kinds of entertainment. It transforms into a 1,700-seat concert hall, a 1,580-seat proscenium theater or any configuration in between. Plus, a retractable shell around the stage accommodates scenery for operas or other dramatic productions.

The Green Room

This cabaret-style space is a large rehearsal and performance room that will allow guests and artists of all calibers to come together for musical exploration, recording, creative programming and intimate events—including performances by the 19-member Jazz Orchestra at Dr. Phillips Center.

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