Orlando Nightlife

When the sun goes down in Orlando many of us head for dinner and a comfortable bed – however there’s a special breed of hard corps vacationer that refuses to be held back by an exhausting day at the theme parks. These night owls simply hop in the shower, don their evening attire and head out to Orlando bars and clubs!  Disney Springs features all manner of clubs, themed bars and fun places to hang out after dark. Disney’s Boardwalk also has some great venues to spend your evening and on into the wee small hours. The same goes for Universal Citywalk, a riveting collection of dance clubs, live music showcases and lots of places to get some fabulous adult beverages. Downtown Orlando (it really does exist!) has some great dance clubs and music venues, most situated on or around the main strip of Orange Avenue. Live Karaoke, the blues, reggae, country, latino or just plain rock – we’ve got the lot here in O’Town!