Things to do at Kissimmee Swamp Tours

This is a unique type of airboat adventure using smaller watercraft operated by professional and informative captains. Choose from exciting, and informative 60 or 90-minute airboat tours through the pristine headwaters of the world famous Florida Everglades. Everyone gets a 2 -way headset to communicate or listen in, so you don't miss a thing as you zip along through some of Florida’s most beautiful untouched wilderness.

Did You Know?

Interesting & useful facts


There are no houses, no city parks, no playgrounds and no traffic - nothing here except the real Florida and wildlife everywhere. 


Getting to Kissimmee Swamp Tours is simple, it’s a very pleasant and scenic 45-minute drive from the Walt Disney World Resort.


Private tours are also available, though with only 6 people onboard every tour tends to feel this way.

News About Kissimmee Swamp Tours

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Kissimmee Swamp Tours Is Wonderfully Wild

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Great Natural Location

This very family friendly business operates out of Middleton’s Fish Camp located on beautiful Lake Kissimmee. It’s the third largest lake in Central Florida which covers over 36,000 acres and is surrounded by state wildlife parks, recreational areas and pristine protected wetlands. There is virtually no development at all, its pure Florida and Mother Nature’s bounty is on show everywhere you look! There are no big theme parks or animatronic animals out here – this is definitely the real thing! It’s rugged and beautiful and you can enjoy it all in complete safety.


Getting There

Kissimmee Swamp Tours is located about an hour from Disney and Orlando in Central Florida, but extremely easy to find.

Small Fast Airboats

The fleet is made up of smaller 6 passenger boats providing an intimate, and exciting tour for everyone in your family or group. Private tours are also available, though with only 6 people onboard every tour tends to feel this way.

Two Way Headsets

Every passenger has their own headset to not only offer a quieter airboat tour, but to also to allow everyone to effortlessly speak to each other and the captain. they allow the captain to point out wildlife and information on the airboat tour.


Look out for the ‘swamp dragons’ the fascinating Florida Alligators,  playful Otters, majestic Bald Eagles, fish catching Ospreys and dozens of species of wading birds and waterfowl. This is a must do Florida eco experience – it will ruin your hair but make your day!

Great Florida Birding Trail

Twitchers rejoice! Kissimmee Swamp Tours is on the Great Florida Birding Trail so you are going to see all kinds of rare and interesting birds and waterfowl.

Night-time Tours

This is a great time of day (or night!) to go looking for gators – after the sun goes down the swamp comes to life and you get to see it up close and personal!