Eco Adventures

Eco Destination Wekiva SpringsCentral Florida is of course known all over the world for it’s amazing theme parks and attractions, but what many visitors don’t realize is that there is a wealth of natural wonders on offer as well. The mild climate and abundance of unspoiled Florida landscapes means that guests can explore a variety of eco-systems within a short drive of the main resort areas. Birding, kayaking, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, zip lining and airboat adventures are just some of the many eco-adventures to be experienced by visitors of all ages. Plan on taking a break from the attractions for at least a day and see a side of the sunshine state that too many visitors overlook – it’s time to embrace Mother Nature in all her glory and leave the man-made diversions far behind. All the featured eco-destinations are an easy drive from Orlando so get out your map and hit the road!