Check Out Real Florida Adventures

Welcome to a new frontier in exciting Florida excursions, with a tour company that says everything you need to know right up front in their name. Real Florida Adventures.



First of all, they promise that any tour with them will be as authentic and inspiring as it gets. They will show you the real Sunshine State, the one they know inside out from more than 40 years in the travel, touring, and hospitality business.

There is also a lot more to Florida than just the headline attractions. Yes, there are, of course, world-class beaches, cities, and nightlife, but to get under the skin of this fabulous destination you need a first-class guide, one that is steeped in the state’s great vacation culture. That’s Real Florida Adventures.

And thirdly, they want your visit to be memorable, to be fun, and to be exciting. In short, they want it to be a great adventure, one that will have you talking long after you have returned home and are going through your photos and videos of the trip.

General Manager James Brown explains: “I am so excited to unveil Real Florida Adventures. The reason we have prepared every one of our tours in this three-step process is to create a series of hand-picked experiences that are totally, completely Floridian. Anyone can put you on a bus to the beach, but we make it a complete immersion in the state’s essential charms.”

Want to know why the Kennedy Space Center is busier, brighter, and more vital than ever? Well, Real Florida Adventures have a range of tours that will take you right inside the heart of America’s vibrant, happening space program. Keen to try a new way of enjoying some beach time on the glittering Gulf Coast? They have multiple options for unforgettable experiences that showcase Clearwater Beach as one of America’s foremost seaside destinations. Ready for a unique encounter with the state’s iconic manatee? Well, they have the perfect opportunity for an up-close adventure that will bring you practically face-to-snout with these wonderful creatures, both safely and legally.

Kennedy Center


In every case, the company’s expertise and knowledge will be front and center in providing the kind of in-depth and well-rounded experience that will ensure your comfort and enjoyment of a day with Real Florida Adventures.

Quality is the watchword in all of their operations, backed up by a strict adherence to value for money. They don’t pledge to be the cheapest, but they do aim to be the best, and that ensures the inherent value of the tours, with an in-built guarantee of full return for your vacation dollar.

And then there’s the safety-first approach. All the vehicles they use come with exemplary safety records and a level of insurance above industry standard, while their guides have all completed a tour guide certification course, as well as being trained in CPR and general First Aid.

Integrity and transparency are the other pillars of the company’s DNA. General Manager Brown and Sales Manager Danny Alberto have both worked in Orlando’s tourism engine room for several decades and bring a thorough understanding and appreciation of customer service in general, as well as the excursion business in particular.

Their team is also steeped in the same essential working ethic, with a full grounding in what makes for an ideal excursion, and how to translate it into the kind of vacation experience that is truly uplifting.

Brown adds: “Many months of hard work have gone into what we know will be Orlando’s premier tour and excursion company. Orlando, and especially the hospitality industry, could use just a glimmer of positivity right now, and hopefully, we can be that glimmer. As the impact of COVID-19 on our industry became evident, our goal was to try to help those that had lost their jobs, and we’re very proud that will be one of our cornerstones.“Our amazing Real Florida Adventures team is made up of industry professionals whose jobs were unfortunately affected by the pandemic. We look forward to continuing to grow our team and partnerships and cannot wait to have guests join us and experience just what Real Florida Adventures is all about.”

With both a level of expertise that is unmatched in the business and a sense of true community spirit, Real Florida Adventures is therefore fully equipped to deliver a day out with a difference, a trip with style, and an excursion that ticks all the boxes for authentic, imaginative fun.

Finally, consider having a “Mickey break” at some stage, a chance to relax, unwind at a less hectic pace and really see Florida. This is such a magnificent state, so take some time and enjoy some of the many natural attractions that are on offer in addition to the theme parks. Real Florida Adventures are ready and willing to give you that essential taste of the Sunshine State in all its glories.

They are adding new tours and adventures all the time, so be sure to check back regularly for the very latest in Real Florida Adventures!