Top 10 Tips for an Orlando Summer and How to Survive It!

There’s no secret to Florida’s main claim to fame. It is rightly called the Sunshine State for a very good reason. But that reason also becomes just a little too much in the height of summer, and Real Florida Adventures has some tips to get you through it.

To put it bluntly, this can be a hot and sweaty proposition from June through to September, and there is no real hiding place from the relentless heat and humidity (although our Manatee Snorkelling tour is a pretty good way to cool down, hint, hint!).

The theme parks and our other attractions are still fun to spend time in, but it can be wearing, especially for children, and it makes sense to adjust your planning accordingly.

Making an early start, taking a break during the heat of the day, and taking advantage of the longer park hours in the evenings are all essential to ensuring you don’t need a vacation after your vacation!

But we also have our own array of top tips for being able to enjoy all the excitement Orlando has to offer without feeling you have survived a great ordeal.

Some of them are sheer common sense, but they are worth highlighting because we know, from long experience, that people are inclined to forget to pack that vital commodity in their eagerness to get here and start enjoying all the fun.

So, with no further ado, here are our Top 10 ways to have that memorable summer vacation and stay cool (ish).


1). Water is your Friend

Drink it. Often. One of the most common ailments of people in the parks is dehydration or, worse, sunstroke. It is so easy to get carried away by all the theme park thrills right in front of you that many visitors overlook this basic necessity. In this climate, you will sweat—a lot—and it’s vital to replace all those bodily fluids at regular intervals. Carry a water bottle at all times and set an alarm on your cellphone if you find you’re forgetting to take water breaks.

2). Take Breaks from the Sun

As well as water breaks, be sure to get fully out of the sun at regular intervals. The intensity of the sun’s rays, and, especially, the UV quotient, are at their most damaging at this time of year, and it makes sense to get under cover frequently. Indoor attractions are particularly handy for providing a welcome respite from the weather, especially in the afternoon.

3). Protect your Skin

For all this talk of the sun and UV damage, it also makes sense that you need a high-factor sun cream, which you should carry with you at all times and use liberally. An SPF of at least 50 is highly advisable anywhere in the Sunshine State and children in particular need to be slathered in the stuff.

4). Wear a Hat

If you’re not a hat wearer, become one. If a high SPF sunscreen is good for your body, a hat is even better protection, preferably one with a broad brim all the way round. Most outdoor workers wear them, and it is absolutely essential if you’re spending most of the day in the parks. Yes, they’ll make you feel a bit hotter, but the safeguard they provide to your most vital commodity can’t be overstated.

5). Take a Daily Siesta

Residents in tropical regions are renowned for putting up the shutters in the hottest part of the day and not re-emerging until late afternoon. Following their example is another wise practice. Take a break back at your hotel or villa, go for a swim or have a nap. You’ll feel properly re-charged to enjoy the evening at the parks, when it’s a bit cooler, and you’ll have avoided the extreme heat.

6). Don’t be Fooled by the Cool

Having said water is your best friend, beware the water parks for lulling you into a feeling of false security. With so many ways to cool off and feel like it’s not, actually, 95 degrees out there, it’s easy to forget that critical basic item, sunscreen, and end up looking like a lobster. Wearing a rash guard is also a good idea to protect you both from unnecessary scrapes on the slides and flumes and the UV rays of the sun. Oh, and that sunscreen; it must be waterproof for it to work properly. It’s amazing how many people overlook this.

7). Grab a Misting Fan

Invest in a misting fan spray for the theme parks. You’ll see these little beauties in common use in Disney and Co, and they are worth their weight as mini portable air-conditioners, especially when you’re standing in one of those l-o-n-g queues. But don’t buy them in the parks. Walmart and Target sell them at less than half price.

8). Stay out of the Storms

Among its many claims to fame, Florida is the Lightning Capital of the World, and this reputation is not to be trifled with. Regular thunderstorms are part and parcel of the summer months and, while they may not last too long, they can pack a real punch, with torrential rain, and plentiful lightening. If there’s a storm in the vicinity, take cover, and stay out of the way until it has passed.

9). Don’t Let the Clouds Fool You

Don’t be fooled by a cloudy day, either. Just because there’s some heavy cumulo-nimbus hanging around overhead doesn’t mean you can dispense with the sunscreen. Those UV rays will still find you, and your skin will not thank you for it.

10). Book a Sit-Down Restaurant

Book a sit-down restaurant for lunch. On really busy days, the combination of crowds and heat can be extremely wearing on even the hardiest visitor. If you’re planning on staying all day, or at least through the afternoon, try to make a full-service lunch reservation in advance so you are guaranteed to have a good rest from the outdoor conditions. Having that welcome respite will help re-charge your batteries for the rest of the day.

If you book a tour with Real Florida Adventures you are guaranteed to avoid much of the outdoor frenzy and hassle that accompanies the Orlando experience in the summer months. Kick back and let them do the driving, organizing, and touring. That’s the best tip of all!

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