Orlando Attractions

Orlando Attractions

Aside from the major Orlando theme parks that you’ve heard so much about there are a number of smaller Orlando attractions that offer a great day out for people of all ages. Typically these attractions have fewer lines (if any at all) and the whole experience is a little more laid back and not as physically demanding. Several of them are an hour or so away from the main resort areas but in each case they’re well worth the trip.

Action Attractions

Orlando’s Action Attractions typically involve some kind of adrenaline rush! These are definitely somewhat out of the ordinary activities that require a little more (or in some cases a lot more!) physical exertion. There are several locations in and around Orlando where you can actively participate. Get your game on and maybe strap on a go-pro to record the experience for posterity – whatever you decide on it probably won’t involve a theme park!

Distraction Attractions

Orlando’s Distraction Attractions typically include activities that, generally speaking, you can enjoy in just a few hours. Many of these very creative specialty attractions are also excellent diversions if the weather is less than perfect, or if you simply don’t want to embark on yet another big theme park day out! None of these involves much physical exertion, the quality is excellent and they are aimed very much at a family audience.

Eco Tours

There’s nothing quite like experiencing the ‘Real’ Florida – we may be the theme park capital of the world, but beyond the man-made and the animatronic lies a completely different side to the Sunshine State. We have miles of wetlands, waterways and wildlife that you won’t find in your own back yard. Boating, kayaking, boarding, off-roading, zip lining, swimming, diving and just good old fashioned hiking – there are so many ways to see Florida’s diverse eco systems close up.

Guided Tours

It’s great to tap into someone else’s expert local knowledge and get a real feel for the the destination or attraction you’ve chosen to visit. There’s nothing quite like having the inside scoop and lots of fascinating facts that you probably wouldn’t have picked up on doing it solo. Typically you can expect that guided excursion / sightseeing tours are fully escorted by trained professional driver guides & include travel by air-conditioned coach or minivan and all entrance fees.

Dinner Shows

It’s a fact – you gotta eat! Family dinner times can be fun – they can also be a hassle if you don’t plan it right. Orlando has a wealth of great dinner shows that guarantee your kids will be entertained & well fed allowing you to relax and enjoy the evening. For the most part it’s all family friendly material, typically a couple of hours total duration and everyone goes home in a good mood and with a full belly! Choose from Medieval Knights, Murder Mysteries, Prohibition Speak-Easys, Pirate Adventures and Polynesian Dancers – the list just goes on and on!