Top 10 Things To Do At Gatorland

Gatorland. The name says it all. An Orlando Attraction based around Florida’s king of the swamp, the alligator….

This park was around before Walt Disney even stepped foot in Orlando, and like so many of Florida’s original roadside attractions, it has kept it’s pre-theme park charm and kitsch.

Originally a cattle farm, Gatorland is over 110 acres of good ole’ Florida fun. Fun, on a side note, that I was promised and then denied when I visited as a wide-eyed 6-year-old. But was granted once I turned 21. It was SO worth the wait!

For $25 per adult and just $17 for children 3-12 years old, there is not a better experience outside of the parks!

Our 10 Best Things to do at Gatorland

1. Screamin’ Gator Zip Line

Top 10 Things to do at Gatorland

Clip in and zip off on 1,200 feet of high flying, heart pounding adventure.  You will soar above the treetops, but more importantly over pools containing Cuban and Nile Crocodiles. Hang on!

Grab your ticket for the Screamin’ Gator Zip Line here.

2. Gator Jumparoo Show

Top 10 Things to do at Gatorland

Hungry gators leap for chicken appetizers egged on by the roar of the audience and the hilarious boys from the backwoods. Let’s hope they don’t become dessert!

3. The Breeding Marsh

Top 10 Things to do at Gatorland

Follow the wooden boardwalk through a breeding marsh full of over 130 Gators. If you were any closer you’d have wet feet!

4. Feeding the Gators

Top 10 Things to do at Gatorland

Did you know gators like hot dogs? It’s true. And you can feed them weiners yourself! Just watch your fingers!

5. The Aviary

Top 10 Things to do at Gatorland

Need a second to catch your breath from all of the gator adventures? Take a step into the aviary, where for just $2, you can purchase bird food and become best friends with a very colorful group of locals.

6. Gatorland Express Train

Now, this is a truly relaxing part of Gatorland. Take the train through the wooded, shaded areas and just relax and look at the wildlife. Birds, deer, and yes, gators, will be part of your journey around the park.

7. Allie’s Barnyard

Love the fluffy type of animals? Stop by the Barnyard to feel like a kid again and feed and pet goats and cows. They are the sweetest…and also a little over-enthusiastic when it comes to feeding time. But they are so cute, so all is forgiven.

8. White Gator Swamp

Something that you normally will not see in the wild of Florida, are white gators. These are the rarest gators in the world. They are not albino (although, Pearl, the albino gator makes her home there too), they are l leucistic – this means they have a little bit of pigmentation around the mouth and a little touch on the tail and piercing blue eyes. Beautiful and deadly. Be sure not to miss them!

9. Gator Gully Splash Park

The best place to cool down in the park, just be sure to bring extra clothes! Run through the fancy sprinklers and have water gun fights hiding behind huge (fake) gators. Fun for the kids, and lawn chairs for the adults to watch.

10. Photo Op at the famous Gator Mouth Entrance

Gatorland entrance

The ORIGINAL Gator mouth entrance to Gatorland burned down, tragically in 2006, but it has been rebuilt in all its kitschy grandeur. So take that family photo and display it with pride on your mantle.

Gatorland is more than a Central Florida original. It’s a Central Florida MUST. Don’t wait 21 years as this writer did.

Get your tickets to Gatorland TODAY.