Kissimmee Swamp Tours Ruin Your Hair, But Make Your Day

There comes a point in every Orlando vacation where you simply need some wide open spaces away from the theme parks – trust us on this one! This first rate eco-adventure is located in a more remote part of central Florida and offers a unique family friendly experience in a real Florida setting! The drive to Kissimmee Swamp Tours on the shores of Lake Kissimmee from the main tourist areas is simple enough. It gets quieter by the mile once you drop off the main highways and onto the much more scenic rural roads. The name of the road in question you won’t forget that’s for sure – Joe Overstreet Road leading to Overstreet Landing (Over water is much more appropriate!).

Tour Options

The length of the tour is designed to do justice to the amazing variety of local wildlife on display – guest have an option of an exciting and informative 60 or 90-minute airboat adventure through the headwaters of what turns into world famous Florida Everglades.

It’s Wild Out There

Kissimmee Swamp Tours Bald Eagles


The alligators are a given…….but did you know Kissimmee Swamp Tours is also on the Great Florida Birding Trail so expect to see some endangered species like whooping cranes and snail kites. Depending on the time of year there’s also a good chance you may see bald eagles, wild deer, and wild pigs.

Your Guide

Captain Rob Murchie has been around these parts for a long time – it shows and in a good way! He operates this very family-friendly business from the shores of the very big and very beautiful Lake Kissimmee. At over 36,000 acres it’s the third largest lake in Central Florida surrounded by numerous state parks, recreational areas and pristine protected wetlands. There is very little development at all out this way, so Mother Nature’s bounty is on display pretty much everywhere you look!

Real Florida Swamp

Kissimmee Swamp Tours Gator


Getting to Kissimmee Swamp Tours is simple enough, a very pleasant and scenic 45-minute drive from the main tourist areas. Middleton’s Fish Camp sits on the shores of Lake Kissimmee, providing easy access to 36,000 acres of state-protected wildlife habitat – simply serene. There are no man-made attractions or animatronic critters out here – this is definitely the real thing!


Tons of Wildlife


Look out for the ‘swamp dragons’ the fascinating Florida Alligators, simply sunning themselves or out on the lookout for their next meal. You might catch a glimpse of playful river otters, and have a good chance of spotting majestic Bald Eagles, fish-catching Ospreys, and dozens of species of wading birds and waterfowl. This is a must-do Florida eco-experience – it will ruin your hair but make your day!

Smaller Faster Airboats


The fleet is made up of smaller 6 passenger boats providing an intimate, and exciting tour for everyone in your family or group. Private tours are also available, though to be honest with only 6 people on board every tour tends to feel this way.

Safety First

Coast guard-approved vessels and competent captains make this a very safe experience – there are rules to be followed and life vests available at all times. Kids and seniors are in good hands so

Communication Is Key

Every passenger has their own headset to not only offer a quieter airboat tour but also to allow everyone to effortlessly speak to each other and the captain. They allow the captain to point out wildlife and information on the airboat tour without having to switch the engine off to be heard.