WonderWorks Misses Brit Visitors

The team at WonderWorks Orlando are excited that there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel for UK travelers. Hopefully, first-timers and old hands will soon be able to start planning their visit to sunny Florida to enjoy all the world-class attractions Orlando has to offer. WonderWorks misses Brit visitors and is excited to welcome them back as soon as possible.

As you organize your next visit don’t forget to add in WonderWorks as a great indoor activity for all ages. When you start to turn red like a prize tomato from too much sun, it’s the perfect time to take a break and head indoors for a little air-conditioned comfort! With over 100 interactive activities at WonderWorks, there is guaranteed to be some fun activities for the whole family.

Also available nightly is the very popular ‘Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show’ where you can enjoy unlimited pizza, salad, beer, wine, and soft drinks. Yes, there really is unlimited beer and wine! Come on down to International Drive and make some memories together that will last a lifetime.

About WonderWorks


WonderWorks challenges the mind sparks the imagination and leads the way as the top interactive attraction through innovation & entertainment. WonderWorks is not hard to spot! This upside-down oddity on International Drive (the result of a run-in with a tornado, so they say!) contains dozens of interactive games and displays that are fun and educational for the whole family. All areas of the 3-story building are very hands-on and challenge kids both mentally and physically.

Design and ride your own rollercoaster at the Wonder Coaster. Play a game of Laser Tag! Running around zapping people with laser guns is totally fun! Virtual Sports is very entertaining as you can choose to play Baseball, Football, and American Football. If you want to experience a taste of hurricanes in Florida go into the Hurricane Shack and get your hair blown. After a couple of hours of playing it might just be time to eat.

WonderWorks misses Brit visitors, so when travel allows, make sure to add it to your vacation must-do list.