Wild Florida’s Drive-Thru Safari Park is Open

It is here! Wild Florida’s Drive-thru Safari Park is open! With the addition of this massive attraction, Wild Florida is officially the world’s only Airboat Tour, Gator Park, and Drive-thru Safari Adventure. At Wild Florida, you can ride, walk or drive through the adventure of your choice!

Wild Florida Drive Thru Animals

Inside the Drive-Thru Safari Park, guests will be able to see more than 100 exotic animals and native Florida wildlife like giraffes, elk, bison, cracker cows, zebras, watusi, and oryx, to name a few. The park contains a massive pond dedicated exclusively as a home for all “nuisance” alligators, trapped by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s SNAP program, giving them a comfortable life within the park. Guests can also stop and hand-feed beautiful giraffes for a once in a lifetime experience on a feeding platform high above the Safari Park.

Wild Florida Giraffe

As an added value, Safari Park tickets include FREE admission to the Wild Florida Gator Park full of tropical birds, lemurs, crocodiles, petting zoo, albino gators, sloths, Crusher the monster alligator and much more. With over 200 native and exotic animals, there is something for everyone! Discover the Hawk Swamp boardwalk through a pristine Florida cypress swamp ecosystem and enjoy fun, educational shows the whole family will love.

Wild Florida Bison

That’s not all! The park plans on constructing a world-class zipline through the safari park by Spring 2020. It will span across untouched cypress swamps, animal exhibits, and scenic landscapes. Also, the original gift shop at Wild Florida will undergo a major renovation that includes a second story addition and doubling the floor space.

Wild Florida, which opened on Lake Cypress in Kenansville in 2010, focuses on educating individuals on Central Florida’s natural resources. The Wild Florida team is dedicated to protecting, conserving, and enhancing Florida’s diverse ecosystem to ensure that future generations can enjoy the wonders of Wild Florida. Now, enjoy all of that with Wild Florida’s brand new Drive-thru Safari Park.