Drive-Thru Safari At Wild Florida is OPEN

As we continue to look for outlets to let off steam and alleviate boredom during this trying time here’s another great option from our friends at Wild Florida. This is one attraction that has social distancing built-in with its brand new drive-thru safari. So grab your family, or just cure your own cabin fever, and drive on over to Wild Florida because the Drive-thru Safari is OPEN.
The Wild Florida drive-thru safari is great fun and the perfect way to keep your family entertained while remaining isolated from other visitors. Inside the Drive-Thru Safari Park, you will be able to see more than 100 exotic animals and native Florida wildlife like giraffes, elk, bison, cracker cows, zebras, watusi, and oryx, and even a camel named Elvis, who the staff all lovingly call Mike, to name a few. The park contains a massive pond dedicated exclusively as a home for all “nuisance” alligators, trapped by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s SNAP program, giving them a comfortable life within the park. Guests can also stop and hand-feed beautiful giraffes for a once in a lifetime experience on a feeding platform high above the Safari Park.
Enjoy 100% hands-free admission and no human contact during your time in the park – sound like a plan? Just view majestic wildlife from the comfort of your car.
Here are the steps to keep the drive-thru safari clean:
1. Book online…new pricing: $15 adults & $10 kids!!
2. Download the scavenger hunt prior to arrival
3. Download the safari guide podcast HERE 
4. Check-in at the admission kiosk
5. Have fun!