Why Every Vacation to Florida Should Include Everglades Airboat Tours

Florida is a hot spot for tourists to have quality family fun and make lasting memories. With pristine beaches across the state and world-class attractions, visitors spend weeks leading up to their vacations planning all the things to do in Orlando. While most families visit Florida for the theme parks, on the blog, we go over a few reasons why your vacation to Florida should include a Wild Florida Everglades airboat tour.

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Explore and Discover a New, Wild Side of Florida

While some kids may love the thrill of going fast and being able to scream, others love to get out and explore the world (and, dare we say, learn a thing or two while they do it). Well, they’ll be able to do both on Everglades airboat rides at Wild Florida! The best part is you don’t have to travel down to South Florida to experience it! With more than 80 different species of wildlife, you can see on Lake Cypress at Wild Florida, you might want to bring a backup battery so you can capture a photo of each animal. Do you need a reason to ditch the theme parks? Here are 5 reasons why you should choose an Orlando airboat ride.

Have Your Family Experience Something New and Fun for All Ages

One of the best things about Wild Florida airboat tours is that anyone can enjoy them, regardless of age. Fun and easily accessible, airboat rides can simultaneously be soothing enough to calm down the crankiest toddler yet provide enough excitement to keep your older kids entertained. During your airboat ride, the captains will provide little-known facts about the wildlife you see. Just like the saying goes… you learn something new every day!

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Get More Bang For Your Buck With Orlando Airboat Rides

Each year, it seems as though the theme parks get more and more expensive. With rising admission, food, and gift shop prices, some families may feel stressed not going “all-out” during their Orlando vacation. Wild Florida airboat rides are affordable, and the biggest perk is you and your family can explore Wild Florida’s Gator Park at no additional cost! Regardless of which airboat tour you purchase, you’ll be able to get up close to exotic and native animals. Plus, you and your family can enjoy the Exotic Animal and Gator Feeding shows that happen inside!

Ready to make this the best family vacation yet? Book your adventure online now at Wild Florida to save your spot on your Orlando airboat ride. Just make sure to bring sunscreen, extra batteries, and hair ties. (You can thank us later!)

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