Why Altitude Kissimmee’s Rope Course is Good, Fit Fun

Altitude Trampoline Park – Kissimmee has trampoline attractions for kids big and small. Younger tots can explore the soft play area, while older kids can dive into the stunt bag and play trampoline basketball. However, one of the park’s most popular attractions isn’t found on the playground – it’s up in the air. The ropes course challenges kids to work their way through a series of obstacles, improving their physical and mental strength. Here’s why you should hit the ropes next time you visit Altitude Kissimmee.

ropes course

Test Yourself on an Aerial Obstacle Course

The ropes course is a series of puzzles placed high above the other guests at Altitude Kissimmee. Kids will climb into a safety harness that will hold them up as they work through the whole course. This way, they can jump, swing, and zip throughout the course without fear of falling to the ground.

The ropes course presents different challenge levels for kids with different abilities. Challenges await like magic carpets, sawtooth steps, the railroad runs, sling steps, dangling disks, cargo Crossing, cube columns, and more. The course can be completed individually or with a group of friends.

If your kids enjoy puzzles and working through obstacles, then they will love the Altitude Kissimmee ropes course.

Improve Conditioning, Balance, and Cardio

Exercise comes in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to run laps or do push-ups to improve your cardio and strength. At Altitude Kissimmee, most trampoline activities are made with fun and fitness in mind – and the ropes course is no exception.


The act of climbing is a full-body workout. As kids navigate the ropes course, they will pull themselves up – tapping into their upper-body strength – while using their legs to push themselves along. Because the course is made for kids of all sizes, everyone can feel included. No one will feel like they are too weak to participate.


Many elements of the course can also help your core muscles and balance. Younger kids can learn bodily control as they grip a swing or try to walk across a balance beam. These are motor skills that can help them as they get old.


Finally, the time spent rushing through challenges and climbing over obstacles gets their heartbeats racing. This means that the ropes course is a cardio workout as well as a strength-building activity.

If your kids aren’t excitedly telling you about it on the ride home, they will likely be exhausted and asleep in the back seat.

Build Up Mental Strength

While adults and kids alike enjoy the physical exercise that comes with the Altitude Kissimmee ropes course, the ropes course also will build mental fortitude. When faced with a challenge – like a series of swings high above the ground – your child has to figure out the best way to overcome it. This takes problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. As the obstacles grow more complex, kids can work to discover new solutions and apply the climbing techniques they learned earlier.

When navigating the course with friends, kids can learn teamwork. They can take time to help others who are struggling and communicate how to overcome barriers.

The Altitude Kissimmee ropes course can also make kids confident and brave. If they can overcome a series of sliding steps, who knows what else they can do?

The Course is Safe for Kids

As a parent, it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous as you watch your kids swing across the room. However, you have nothing to fear. The park prioritizes safety in all aspects of the Altitude Kissimmee Trampoline Park.

Every child is clipped in to a safety harness that is regularly tested for security. In addition, many of the obstacles have safety nets in place in case of a kids fall. Finally, the park keeps plenty of staff members close by to monitor the course and ensure every child is moving safely and responsibly.

Visit the Altitude Kissimmee Ropes Course Today

At Altitude Kissimmee, kids and adults alike are welcome to test themselves on the ropes course. When you arrive, check-in with a staff member and ask them if the course is open. The course is only open on the weekends, so the park’s staff members can keep an eye out for kids that need help. The next time you visit Altitude Kissimmee, head for the skies with its fun and challenging ropes course.