What Can I Do at Wild Florida?

Known for the Florida adventure tours that can take you from exploring the Everglades at high speeds to stepping inside the exhibit of a 1,000-pound alligator, Wild Florida has it all. But those are just at the tip of the ice burg in terms of everything else you can do at Wild Florida. So, if you’re asking yourself, “What can I do at Wild Florida?”, look no further.



The first giraffe has arrived at the all new Wild Florida Drive Thru Safari adventure opening Dec 21 2019 – you’ll be able to view antelope and zebra along with these big guys from the air conditioned comfort of your rental car! SO cool in every way!

Animal Lovers

Do you dream of working with animals all day long? Turn that dream into a reality with the animal keeper for a day program. It could be the most exciting job title you’ve ever had!


The Chomp House Grill turns out some of the best barbecue around. Did you know they employ a full-time chef at the restaurant?

Young Explorers

Get an up-close look at calves, goats, sheep, and other small animals in our petting zoo. Children can even feed the animals!


There is a walk-in bird aviary at Wild Florida’s Wildlife Park. You can feed, hold, and see up close birds from all over the world. The macaws are so talented they can peel a grape with their beaks.

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Theme Park Survivalists

Maybe you’ve stood in lines and been in crowds for days. You can walk around the Wildlife Park and nature areas at your own pace and even stop at a shady spot to grab a Swamp Slushy or a bite to eat from the Chomp House Grill.

World Travelers

You can see animals in Orlando without trotting across the globe! For instance, at the African Plains exhibit, you can see watusis, emus, zebras, and zedonks (also known as a zebroid – in this case, a zebra-donkey hybrid!). There are also animals from Colombia, Australia, Madagascar, and other parts of South America in the Gator Park.

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Gator Spotters

They have four places in the Gator Park where you can spot alligators. And a visit to Florida is not complete without a gator hug from one of the reptiles!

Swamp Walkers

You can take a hike through the Hawk Swamp and not get your feet wet. It’s a great way to escape the heat under our tree-covered boardwalk! Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife because barred owls love to hang out in the cypress trees.

So, it’s possible to please everyone in your group, so stop by and ask “What can I do at Wild Florida?