Universal’s Aventura Hotel Is Hi-Tech

Debuting in 2018, the new Universal’s Aventura Hotel will offer tech-savvy accommodations for guests that sound both fun and innovative. Using the provided in-room tablet, you’ll be able to control many of the room’s features, like the TV, the room temperature and a lot more besides.

universal's aventura hotelThe hotel will also have a virtual reality game room and drive-in movie experience with an underwater speaker system in the hotel’s resort-style pool. Stay tuned to learn more about other high-tech amenities that will be available at this sleek and modern hotel.

Right now, you can get a sneak peek inside Universal’s Aventura Hotel with this 360 VR tour around the hotel, including the pool, a room, and our first ever rooftop bar. Try it with VR goggles or Google Cardboard for the fully immersive experience.