Universal Hints At Fourth Park Name

Comcast executives have given industry observers a glimpse of how much they hope to ramp up their war with Disney as they hinted at a potential name for a fourth theme park they believe would make Universal Orlando Resort a destination requiring a week-long stay.

In a question-and-answer session this week an analyst inquired about a patent application filed last month for the name “Fantastic Worlds.” The application said the name was for “entertainment services in the nature of amusement park and theme park services.”

“Is that any indication you’re planning another gate in Orlando? Could you talk about plans and timing on that?” asked an analyst from Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

“We are looking at it,” a Comcast executive said, confirming the company filed the name registration. “We love the theme park business. It’s one of our best, most consistent businesses.”


“We think we have a lot of very long runway. Another gate in Florida would have the advantage of turning Florida from a two- or three-day destination to potentially a week-long destination. We think that would be attractive.”

Well well……..watch this space!