Train Like an Astronaut At Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center takes you to the Final Frontier with an all-new guest experience that every budding space explorer will want to try their hand at! Train like an Astronaut!

Inside the Astronaut Training Experience (ATX), students will join the crew as they begin a spectacular new mission simulation including launching, landing and walking on Mars. Perform a spacewalk through exciting and immersive microgravity simulation technology.

Mission Video Logs

Trainees will also participate in a launch of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket as a member of both the launch control team and the Orion capsule crew. Throughout the training, create personalized video logs of the unforgettable experience to revisit after you complete your mission. This all-inclusive program will take you through a launch mission, spacewalk training, and an operation on Mars.

Launch Scenario

Learn to launch a spacecraft into low-Earth orbit to rendezvous and dock with an orbital target as an Astronaut Recruit. Assist Capsule Crew in completing tasks using instructions on touchscreen workstations with basic missions and emergency scenarios as a member of the Mission Control Crew, and practice hand-eye coordination under the supervision of the Mission Control Crew while you are in the Orion Capsule.

Spacewalk Training

Apply Newton’s Laws of Motion to compensate for exaggerated pitch, roll, and yaw while performing simple mechanical tasks in the Microgravity Chair. Give instructions to assist the explorers in their tasks in the Training Control Center. Then help those in the microgravity chairs the same way safety drivers assist astronauts in Johnson Space Center’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab in the Safety Support Handler simulation. One of the most authentic experiences when you train like an astronaut.

Mars Operations

Experience the sensation of walking on the surface of Mars, exploring four different terrains and solving challenges as they arise and then experience landing a Mars Rover vehicle on the surface of Mars and driving it over rough terrain to dock with a base.

Train like an astronaut at Kennedy Space Center and see your vacation like you never have before.