A Drive-Thru Gator Park?

There are three reasons tourists visit Florida.  Theme Parks, beaches, and alligators.  Sometimes, the first two take up so much of your vacation, that you don’t have time for number three.  Alligators.  I know that happened to me on my first visit to Florida at the age of 5.  Now I go to see them every chance I get.

But what if there was an attraction that was not just a place to see alligators, but it was inexpensive and convenient? Than GatorWorld Parks is the place for you!

GatorWorld Parks of Florida is home and sanctuary to approximately 400 alligators. Entering the park, you snake along a scenic gravel roadway, providing views of the gators lounging in roadside pools from 6 feet to monsters over 11 feet long. The specially-constructed pools are surrounded by fenced common areas for the gators to wander, simulating their natural environment.

Then, at the end of the drive-through course is where the action really begins. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to see and hold baby gators. Feed alligators from a raised platform, dangling a pole over a swirling collection of young gators looking forward to a treat.

All of the alligators at GatorWorld are acquired from trappers who would otherwise euthanize them, or purchased from harvesting operations planning to use them as materials for products. So your visit not only allows you to check Number Three off your Florida “Must Do” list, but it helps to give these prehistoric giants a safe place to love their lives.  BUY TICKETS