Stunt Bag Tricks for Your Next Visit to Altitude Kissimmee

Altitude Kissimmee Trampoline Park has dozens of activities for kids to try while they are at the park. Some kids bounce from one attraction to another (from the trapeze swing to the zip line), while others stay in the same area. One of the favorite attractions for some kids is the stunt bag. It’s a large, padded bag filled with air and is easy for kids to bounce on. The padding makes for a safe experience as kids jump across it. The stunt bag also has a diving board where kids can climb a set of stairs and jump through the air as if they were filming an action movie.

If your child hasn’t experienced the stunt bag at Altitude Kissimmee, then it’s time for them to try it out. Here are a few incredible stunts for kids to try as they fly off the trampoline.

Enjoy Top Tricks and Dramatic Stunts

When you first arrive at Altitude Kissimmee, you will notice a few fan-favorite stunts that kids like to try on the stunt bag. These range from simple jumps to dramatic arcs. Here are five of the top stunts for your kids to try as they fly onto the bag:

1. The Long Jump: Challenge your kids to see how far out they can fly. See if they can best records or the jumping records of their friends.
2. The High Jump: Launch off the diving board and up into the air! See how high your child can get before gravity takes over.
3. The Running Jump: Let your child run like an Olympic athlete. Have them run off the diving board to see where their speed takes them.
4. The Dramatic Pose: Choose an emotion or a funny pose to convey as they jump into the air. They can make a funny face or wave their arms around like an alien landing on Earth.
5. The Spin Move: Once they are in the air, let them twirl into a circle before landing safely on the stunt bag. See if they can twirl the full 360 degrees repeatedly.

Once your child starts jumping, they are likely to come up with cool new moves and stunts to try. Their friends can even have a “stunt off” to see who comes up with the coolest jumps.

Flex Your Imagination and Jumping Skills

At Altitude Kissimmee, kids can get mental exercise and grow their creative muscles alongside their physical movements. The stunt bag is one of the best places for your child to reenact dramatic scenes and pretend to be their favorite characters.

Kids can pretend to be pirates who must walk the plank into shark-infested waters below. They can act like superheroes who jump into action and fly to help residents in trouble. They can even act like their favorite animals and pretend to be penguins jumping into the arctic or tigers punching down onto prey.

You might be surprised by the storylines kids come up with when they jump off the diving board.

Jumping Options for Kids of All Ages

Families with small children or kids of multiple ages can all use the stunt bag at Altitude Kissimmee. It’s okay if your older child is a fearless daredevil while your youngest doesn’t want to leave your side. The stunt bag at Altitude Kissimmee has two trampoline levels: one that is higher up for dramatic jumpers and one that is lower for younger kids. Some kids might just want to bounce on the stunt bag without jumping onto it, and that’s okay.

As a parent, these multi-tiered levels make it easy for you to keep an eye on all your kids at once. You can watch your kids summon their courage for a big jump while ensuring your younger children are still having a good time.

Enjoy New Attractions Every Time You Visit

Altitude Kissimmee is a family attraction that your kids will love as they get older. As soon as your child can walk, they can explore the soft play area in a safe space from the big kids. Then, as they grow older, they can explore the dodgeball court, battle beam,  basketball trampolines, and of course, the stunt bags.

If you have a miniature daredevil on your hands, head to the stunt bag the next time you visit Altitude Kissimmee. Watch your child’s imagination take over as they soar through the air, one jump at a time.