Star Trek Coming to Universal Orlando?

Orlando Attractions Update – Fresh off the Orlando rumor mill is a whisper regarding an epic sci-fi franchise making its’ mark at one of Florida’s top theme parks: Star Trek at Universal Orlando! So says Catrina Dennis at…”While Lucasfilm and Disney are working away at a Star Wars expansion for their theme parks (with assorted details slowly slipping out over the past few months), it seems as though the other classic sci-fi hard-hitter isn’t lagging far behind.Unfortunately for fans of the Shrek 4-D attraction, it’s game ogre for the giant green hero and his donkey sidekick: Universal has been looking to chuck the attraction that replaced Alfred Hitchcock: The Art of Making Movies in favor of something a little more timeless. I know, I know: “Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life,” but apparently that’s not enough for the park’s visitors.This is the first time that talk of a long-running Star Trek attraction has surfaced since the 2008 closure of Star Trek: The Experience. Many fans are speculating and asking for the Starfleet Academy attraction that was originally set to debut in Las Vegas (where The Experience took place), which would transport visitors into real roles as part of the Academy.This wouldn’t be the first Star Trek attraction to hit Universal Studios, either: in the early 90’s, Universal Studios in Florida hosted the Star Trek Adventure, where fans could insert themselves into the plot of a classically episode and take the results home on a shiny, commemorative VHS tape.

This writer’s parents have their VHS adventure as the ship’s temporary captain and his logical, but sassy Vulcan co-captain locked away in a closet, so here’s a peek at the attraction with a different set of fans:The set-up itself sounds quite a bit like the rumored Starfleet Academy attraction, though the direction it could take might be very, very different.Right now, the top contender for the spot outside of Star Trek is said to be How to Train Your Dragon, which would use the classic, immersive tech that Universal made itself famous for with The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera. Despite Star Trek arguably being a little more ‘timeless’ than How to Train Your Dragon, decisions and official word have not been made or released as of yet. As  Star Trek 3 gains traction, though, that may very well change.”