St Augustine On Florida’s Historic Coast…

St Augustine – welcome to the beginning!

There’s a common misconception about the beginnings of America. Most Britons and most Americans for that matter  assume Jamestown holds the distinction as the New World’s first settlement. And while that 1607 fortification founded by a group of London entrepreneurs certainly was early on, it wasn’t the first.St Augustine Fort Castillo de San Marcos

The title of first goes to St. Augustine – founded in 1565, by 1607 it was a thriving Spanish colonial city on the coast of La Florida. Its location offered early settlers security in place of mystical natural beauty. 450 years later, visitors continue to experience the magical ambiance of this special place by the sea.St Augustine Flagler College

But where exactly does St. Augustine’s spellbinding spirit come from? Is it from the faint sounds of music wafting from tavern windows? Or the majestic evening silhouette of Castillo de San Marcos? Perhaps it’s the clip-­clop of horses pulling carriages along ancient streets. Or the fabled history of the Fountain of Youth attraction.

Travelers have been in search of St. Augustine’s spirit for centuries. And maybe it’s time you do the same. Because truthfully, few cities in the States have preserved such an enduring, invigorating history.

Quaint as it may be, St. Augustine also keeps abuzz with exciting, new entertainment options such as the St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure museum, featuring the nation’s largest collection of all things swashbuckling and adventurous. And for high-­flying Florida fun, there’s the new zip line – known as Crocodile Crossing – perched in the treetops throughout the world famous Alligator Farm.St Augustine Church Just be sure not to let go. Hungry onlookers will certainly be lying in wait.

With so much to do and see, it’s time to add your story to the St. Augustine spirit. It’s your turn to voyage to the beginnings of the New World by visiting the Old City.

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