Rumors Are Soarin’ ……

Soarin' Over California

Orlando Attractions Update – Online articles from several industry insiders this week have given a lot more credence to rumors about what WDW guests might see relatively soon at Soarin’ the popular flight simulator ride at EPCOT. First, it seems quite possible that the current ‘Soarin’ Over California’ film might be replaced with a new high-def film that will possibly have a much wider geographic reach in terms of some of the locales.  National landmarks such as the Grand Canyon or NYC skyline have been mentioned as well as Europe, the Middle East and Asia, which would make a lot of sense given the numbers of overseas visitors to the Disney parks.

The second more practical aspect of the rumors though, is that the attraction will receive a third theater in time for when the new film begins showing. According to  several different people construction might even begin later this year. This added capacity would greatly increase the number of guests per hour going through the attraction, and let’s face it – anything that shortens up the time spent waiting is OK in our book, even if the movie stays the same!