SeaWorld Adds Close Up Tour

SeaWorld Orlando has announced a new offering for guests in the form of a Killer Whale Close Up Tour. This is a brand new experience for guests to see the parks Orcas much closer up than would normally be possible.

The new 45-minute tour will feature the park’s killer whales along with their trainers, as guests learn about these super smart mammals, their individual personalities and even get the opportunity to interact with one.

“During the tour, which takes place daily, SeaWorld’s trainers share stories and information about the killer whales, demonstrate how the whales take part in voluntary husbandry sessions and discuss their health care, feeding habits and more. The engaging and interactive tour also gives participants the chance to try their hand at a session with the whales alongside a trainer. Throughout the entire experience, guests can take photos to help forever preserve the memory of the one-of-a-kind experience,” said SeaWorld via a news release.

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The new tour has limited capacity and begins at 10 a.m. each day. The tour joins other special SeaWorld offerings that include the Dolphin Up-Close Tour and Penguin Up-Close Tour.