Scream n’ Stream at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures

Scream n’ Stream at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures is the first-of-its-kind attraction, taking you inside the drive-in theater. As we enter this very unusual Halloween season, some of the heavyweights in the theme park industry are ramping up the haunts in a way like never done before.

Scream and Stream


Scream n’ Stream kicks off September 25, but rehearsals have been in full swing. “We started thinking about what could we do to let us experience Halloween, as we know it, in a safe way,” production manager Chris Louis said. He has been part of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights creative team, but he needed a new haunt this year after Universal canceled the event due to COVID.

So Louis had a solution. To transform an RV campground at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures. “So every 50 feet,” he said, “we have a power outlet and a water outlet.” That means the scare-actors you experience – six feet from your car – have hot mics.

The storyline is set in 1997. As you drive through a “screen,” you’re actually driving into a horror film. Kaylene Sheikh works at Disney World, but, in this experience, she is a cheerleader covered with blood. “The one thing that I could definitely bring to the table was how loud I could be,” she said, so strap in for her pipes and blood-curdling screams. Cars can punch up 91.7 FM for a spooky soundtrack during the ride creating a truly immersive experience. “You’re experiencing scenes on the left and right of your vehicle,” Louis said. “Sometimes you’ll be brought to a complete stop using a red traffic light.

As for the trick-or-treating component, characters will stand back and hold a long pipe, rolling down candy in “Easter-type” plastic eggs. Scream n’ Stream has family-friendly hours and grown-up time so you can plan accordingly.

Visit for details and ticketing. Scream n’ Stream at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures starts September 25 at 2001 E. Southport Road in Kissimmee.