Revolution Adventures Offer Some Sensible Options

In these trying times our good friends at Revolution Adventures have come up with some very sensible options for having some outdoor fun while maintaining a safe distance from others – they are open for business and will be very happy to see you !
Here’s the official word from Revolution Adventures co-owner AJ:
“During the Covid-19 crisis we at Revolution Adventures have decided to treat each guest as a VIP’S and undertaken a number of steps which are new to our operation and some things which we already do that you might not have known about.
For example:
# We have staggered our start times so that guests have less interaction as they check in.
# Once you have checked in you will be shown to an area away from any other groups.
# We will not mix groups of guests, your family will not be mixed with other families visiting.
# The group sizes for each activity has been reduced to not more than 5 per group.
# Your guide will only look after your group during your visit with us.
# We have always been very diligent about cleaning of our helmets and goggles but have stepped up a gear and now have a segregated area for clean and used helmets.
# As we take a break halfway through the experience we are parking our vehicles at least 6 feet apart.
# After each session we will thoroughly sanitize the handles seats and instruments before putting it back on the line for the next guest.
# We have never had more than 15 guests in any one group and have reduced these numbers to 10 on the property at any one time.”