Rafts Plunging Down Infinity Falls

For the first time this week, it felt like Infinity Falls was real. With no visitors witnessing the test runs, empty rafts have been plunging down a 40-foot drop slide with a big old splash. Still no guests along for the ride, but one gets the feeling that’s not far away at all now….

A SeaWorld executive gave a tour to show off the brand new attraction but wouldn’t give any specifics about the actual opening day is or if it would debut by Labor Day weekend, the traditional end of summer in the USA.

“We’re working around the clock to get it open as quick as possible,” Jeff Hornick, senior director of theme park development told the Orlando Sentinel.


Unlike the last time we updated you hundreds of thousands of gallons of H2O fill the waterways as enormous pumps push water out fast enough to fill up a domestic swimming pool in about seven seconds flat.

As the raft left the loading dock, the water moved smoothly until  the first turn – there the white rapids wait for you, interspersed with a few seconds of calm here and there before resuming round the next bend.

“You want sections to catch your breath,” said Hornick, one of just a select few employees to have experienced the ride.

For now large sand filled containers are taking the place of real guests – the tests are literally run over and over and over with a number of different weight scenarios to see how the rafts perform.

We can’t wait! How about you?