Putting The Zing in Spring Break!

Have you felt it yet? That highly noticeable sensation of anticipation and excitement? Yes, it’s all over Central Florida right now. The airport is busy, the beaches are doing great business, and the state is seeing distinct signs that the big tourism slowdown of 2020 might be coming to an end. It is the annual phenomenon of Spring Break.

The weather helps, of course. The first two weeks of the month have been absolutely blissful, with cool mornings giving way to masses of clear blue skies and temperatures in the low 80s. Or, as Floridians like to call it, Wonder-Weather. If ever there was a time to be taking an Orlando vacation, it is now.

After the chilly winter months, spring puts the zing back in Orlando’s tourism business, and Real Florida Adventures is ready and eager to play its part in making sure visitors have the best possible vacation experience.

March, in particular, is lovely in Florida, as the state is in full bloom with royal poinciana, white champaca, and cherry trees at their most spectacular, while the begonias, bougainvillea, and hibiscus are equally eye-catching.

The wildlife is also on the move, too. Birds are nesting, armadillos are foraging, and the many alligators are distinctly more lively after their winter semi-hibernation, hence you will see a lot more when you are out and about.

And, from north to south and coast to coast, Real Florida Adventures has the perfect portfolio of tours and excursions to bring your vacation to life and ensure you return home with great memories (and the photos to prove it!).

The Beach



For those from northern climes, the desire to dig your toes into the sand of places like blissful Clearwater Beach may be especially strong at this time of year, why not check out Real Florida Adventures’s five different Beach tours:

Clearwater & Seaside Lunch

Clearwater with Lunch and Sea Screamer

Clearwater, Lunch and Marine Aquarium

Clearwater and Lunch, plus Pirate Cruise

Clearwater, Lunch, and Deep Sea Fishing

It’s worth pointing out that, while Spring Break does bring out the crowds, this is far from the busiest time of the year on the Gulf Coast. And, with fully two-and-a-half miles of clear, golden sands to choose from, Clearwater Beach can comfortably accommodate everyone with space to spare.

So, if the wide-open spaces and some true beach bliss appeal to you, have no doubt that this is what you’ll find in the above seaside specials!

Manatee Tours


Of course, you may also be looking for some genuine Florida nature, and March remains an ideal choice for that with the signature real Florida Tour. With the weather warming up nicely, the inshore waters for the manatee-swim experience are becoming positively idyllic.

Crystal River is the only place in America where it is legal to swim with manatees, so enjoy this unique opportunity that is truly the bucket list experience it promises to be. Check it out on this link: Real Florida Manatee Adventure

Kennedy Space Center



Perhaps top of RFA’s list at the moment is the chance to enjoy the full array of options and entertainment on offer at Kennedy Space Center.

The home of One Small Step For Man has had to cut back on some of its offerings during the height of the pandemic, but this month has seen it return to almost full operational capacity for the first time in nearly a year, just in time for Spring Break to kick it into high gear.

One of the key features in the Space Center’s thrilling presentation of the past, present, and future of NASA’s space exploration programs is the Apollo/Saturn V Center, with its vivid series of exhibits into the Apollo missions and the first moon landing.

Not only can you get up close and personal with the immensity that is the gigantic Saturn V rocket – the largest and most powerful rocket created to date – but you can also witness a compelling recreation of that historic day in 1969 when Apollo 11 touched down on the lunar surface and Neil Armstrong uttered his historic phrase.

However, with the KSC having to curtail some of its operations due to Covid-19 restrictions, the signature bus tours that included the Apollo/Saturn V Center have not been running until just recently.

Now, with virtually the whole Center back online, Real Florida Adventures is delighted to offer our two current KSC excursions that genuinely have something for all the family. Take your pick fromThe Regular Space Center Tour or The Space Center plus Airboat Ride, which combines the futuristic side of Florida with the state’s natural aspect, providing a fabulous experience that is both eco-friendly and exhilarating.

Just make sure you take full advantage of your Space Center time and see at least one of the spectacular IMAX films on offer, as well as the fabulous Heroes & Legends exhibit and the unmissable highlight of the Space Shuttle Atlantis presentation.

This latter is arguably one of Florida’s true thrills, as it provides a scintillating look at the space shuttle program, to begin with, and then dazzles visitors with the grand ‘reveal’ of the Shuttle itself, one of only three of the ground-breaking STS vehicles that went into space left in existence.

As if that isn’t enough, the new hands-on Planet Play area for children 2-12 is a brilliant example of how to combine the space theme with plenty of active fun and excitement for the younger age group, thus ensuring there is genuinely something for everyone.

It’s the ideal time to be in Florida, so take full advantage and allow Real Florida Adventures to show you some of Central Florida’s genuine highlights in the best possible style this Spring Break season.

Oh, and don’t forget RFA’s Price Match Guarantee. They always do their best to offer the lowest price for tours, but, if you find a lower qualified price on another site, they will be happy to match it. Book direct and call them now on 407 573 2535.

Remember also that Real Florida Adventures are here for YOU, the customer, and they’re always ready to go that extra mile by tailor-making the ideal trip for YOUR family or group. Personal, professional service is the bedrock of every great vacation, and those are RFA’s fundamentals, too. So, if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for in the main menu, feel free to call and discuss your personal requirements.