Pit Stop At I-Drive NASCAR

You’re on vacation. It’s Orlando. There are so many attraction choices and you want to try go-karts! They are exciting, fast, and family-friendly. So, how about a pit stop at  I-Drive NASCAR!

Here is why I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing will get you all revved up! Hint: We even have a COUPON to make it that much more fun!

1. Very Cool Karts

These babies are fully ergonomic with adjustable steering, pedals, and seats for a comfortable driver position – always good!

• Patented Safety System including High Energy Absorption Design, ProSlide Absorber, and full-body protection.
• Exclusive Chassis engineered for performance and enhance precision.
• ENGEC Motor– silent, non-polluting with ramp-up burst of speed creating the unlimited thrill.

2. Challenging Wide Track

This track is a doozie at I-Drive NASCAR and the great thing is that spectators can see virtually the whole track from their vantage point in the viewing area.

• 12 turns
• 3 hairpins
• 1 chicane
• “The Senna S”

3. Safety First

Safety is key at I-Drive NASCAR. The staff here are red hot on making sure you know how to operate the karts safely and what to do in every situation. Listen carefully and you will be fine.

Here are some easy to follow safety rules:

RULE #1 KNOW what to wear
• Closed-toe shoes are required
• Do not wear high heels, flip-flops, sandals or slide-on shoes.
• Shoe rentals are available.
• No skirts allowed while racing.

RULE #2 KNOW your flags.

4. Handy Trackside Dining

Their kitchen serves up some tasty trackside appetizers and entées. Racers and spectators can select from a menu with a variety of choices.

Make a pitstop at I-Drive NASCAR, play for a few hours or drive all day at one of Orlando’s most unique attractions. It’s the perfect way to spend one of those rainy Florida afternoons!