Perfect Your Gymnastic Skills at Altitude Kissimmee

Gymnastics is a fantastic sport for high-energy kids. It teaches them how to balance while incorporating various types of strength training. Your kids can work on several muscle groups in one gymnastics session while enjoying a fun cardio workout.

Altitude Kissimmee Trampoline Park is the perfect place to improve your gymnastic skills. If your kids are currently taking gymnastics classes, they will love all the opportunities to jump, tumble, and balance with their friends. When practice feels like fun, your kids will never want to stop. Here are a few ways young athletes can grow their gymnastics skills at Altitude Kissimmee.


Tumble Track

The Tumble Track is the first place most gymnasts visit when they arrive. The long trampolines look familiar to most kids who have taken gymnastics classes. Your child can cartwheel, flip, jump, and perfect all the skills they want to hone.

Altitude Kissimmee has multiple trampolines in the Tumble Track and a large space for running and flipping. This means you won’t have to wait for several kids to clear the area before your gymnast has a turn.

Stunt Bag

Altitude Kissimmee is a great place to visit if you have multiple children of all ages. Your gymnast will love the stunt bag – but so will your other kiddos. With this bag, kids climb up a ladder and fly through the air in the most dramatic positions possible. They land safely in the large, inflatable stunt bag that prevents them from sustaining injuries.

If your child has ever pretended to be an action hero diving out of an exploding building, this is their chance to live the ultimate free-falling experience.

Battle Beam

Your gymnastics studio might have a balance bean, but Altitude Kissimmee has a battle beam! Kids can challenge each other to gladiator-style duals to push the other into a (safe and soft) foam pit.

While these games look like fun, they’re actually a serious workout. Kids can use their balance skills and core muscles to stay on top of the beam. They can even use their arm muscles to knock their opponent into the pit.


Wipeout is similar to the Battle Beam, except your gymnast is competing against a spinning wheel and not another opponent. In this game, a padded arm of a spinning wheel moves around a circle, changing directions periodically. Jump as high as possible to avoid getting knocked over.

This game taps into timing skills as kids learn when to jump to avoid the arm. They also learn to control their jump heights to make it over the bar.

Ropes Course

The ropes course is one of the top attractions at Altitude Kissimmee. Kids and teens love climbing high into the air and mastering various challenges to get from one end of the gym to the other. Kids use their legs, arms, and core muscles to work through different obstacles. They can use their balance skills and brains to evaluate problems and find solutions.

The ropes course is also a great team activity where friends can work together and help each other through challenging obstacles.

Trapeze Swing

If your gymnast loves twisting and turning in the air, they will immediately be drawn to the trapeze swing. Kids hold on to two bars and fly from one side of the foam pit to the other. They can drop down into the pit whenever they like. Some kids love flying on the trapeze and using their upper body muscles. Others use the trapeze as an easy swing to dive amongst the foam blocks.


Let Your Kids Practice Gymnastics Any Day of the Week

Your gymnastics-loving kids will never want to leave Altitude Kissimmee. They can jump for multiple hours at a time for only $10 per month. You can leave their gymnastics practice and keep tumbling and playing through the evening. All this extra practice will improve their gymnastics skills while giving them a fun outlet for releasing excess energy.

Visit Altitude Kissimmee today and see your little gymnast thrive!