Peace of Mind Makes For A Happy Customer

We have a very happy customer on our hands!

Planning a visit to Disney or Universal is easy for those of us who do it for a living – for those visiting from the UK however it can be quite daunting.

So many hotel types, ticket options, dining decisions, height restrictions, weather forecasts and wardrobe choices to worry about!

After 30 plus years in Orlando we’re happy to offer expert help with all of the above…..and the most valuable thing of all – peace of mind.

Just ask Tracey Thomas – she sent us the thank you card below – do take a moment and read it.

This is why we do what we do – we know we have the best staff in the business, but when someone else notices it means a lot 🙂

This happy customer made our day.

Thanks Tracey – we’ll see you in 2023 for your next Orlando holiday!