Light Up your Christmas at SeaWorld!

Christmas at SeaWorld Orlando is like Christmas in a small town. Lights everywhere. Fire Pits. Carolers. Hot Chocolate. Comfort Food. And snow!

It has the ultimate “Christmas-y” feeling. So if you are feeling extra festive this year, or maybe need something to put you IN the Holiday spirit, take a trip to SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration.

Here are our Top 10 Favorites at SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration!

1) The Christmas Lights

SeaWorld transforms into a holiday wonderland with over 3 million twinkling lights during SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration. Everywhere you look, the world around you is lit up with lights. It has such a magical quality to it, it can barely be described in words. And the Christmas Trees that fill the harbor actually light up and “dance” with music at certain points throughout the night!

2) The Atmosphere

This should be the number one reason to go because it encompasses everything that makes it so special. You’ll also encounter playful Elves, a charming model train village, and the comedic antics of the Bayside Village Christmas Council. Relax near the warm glow of the fire pit with a holiday craft brew or specialty hot chocolate and experience a wonderful view of the vibrant Sea of Trees. Or sing along, play along, or simply watch the musicians, singers, and Christmas Council that bring the Gazebo Stage to life. There is so much to do, but be sure to just take some time and enjoy the atmosphere.


3) The Shows

There are so many Holiday shows during the Celebration! First, there is the Sea of Trees. A musical and visual extravaganza that takes place all through the night. Plus, there is no waiting in line. Just find a nice spot along the harbor and enjoy. Winter Wonderland on Ice at Bayside Stadium is a full-blown extravaganza on ice. Elmo’s Christmas Wish is a special treat for the young and the young at heart. O Wondrous Night, arguably the most popular of all of the shows is a live nativity at Nautilus Theater that brings the story of Christmas to life through the perspective of the animals that were there. The show features life-size puppets, special effects, live animals and over 30 carols to delight. O Wondrous Night is a peaceful, joyous celebration that will wow your whole family. There is also Clyde and Seamore’s Countdown to Christmas and Shamu Christmas Miracle, a nighttime holiday spectacular that tells a tale of peace, friendship, and love.


4) The Food

Freshly popped holiday kettle corn, waffle cone S’mores, and apple crisp fill the air. Satisfy your Santa-sized appetite with a variety of stuffed donuts, short-rib mac & cheese and French fries with your choice of toppings. Then save some room for “Tot-chos”, tater tot nachos that are not to be missed. There is dinner with Santa at Shamu Stadium and dinner with Rudolph and Friends at Fireside. Plan to spend all day just so you can sample all of the delicious comfort food. Seriously, you need to get the Tot-chos.


5) The Drinks

Throughout the park, but focused mainly in the Christmas Market on the Pathway, you will find specialty drinks. First, there is Hot chocolate, But not just traditional hot chocolate, but gingerbread, mint, toasted marshmallow, and white chocolate Hot Chocolate. Save room to try them all. Then, for the over 21 crowds, there are frozen alcoholic peppermint mochas, hot toddies, and seasonal craft brews.


6) The Music

The ambient music and Christmas Carols playing throughout the night, you will find yourself swaying to the traditional music without even meaning too. But beyond that, there are the Bayside Carolers, the Reindeer Horns, and the Sax Quartet bring live music to your joyful ears. That doesn’t include the shows. This is just a wonderful experience you will have simply walking around the park.


7) The Special Characters

You can meet all of the classic SeaWorld and Sesame Street characters like Shamu and Elmo but in adorable Christmas garb. However, only during the Celebration can you visit Rudolph’s ChristmasTown, where you can meet Rudolph, Clarice, Bumble, and Yukon Cornelius from the classic family Christmas television special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Plus, you can stroll past life-size storybook vignettes showcasing the classic Rudolph story. Plus, there are the Donder Elves, where you can sit and play games (FREE) all day, the zany Christmas Council who stroll around the pathway and keep Christmas in Bayside in order.

8) Santa

But what Holiday Celebration would be complete without the big guy himself! Santa! This holiday season, take a ride to the top of the world to meet the Arctic’s most famous resident…Santa Claus.
Experience amazing animal encounters and a heart-warming visit with Santa in a holiday adventure you can only have at SeaWorld Orlando. Or, have dinner with Santa at Shamu Stadium. That way you can be sure to have some one-on-one time without the line.

9) The Shopping

Be sure to spend a few minutes moseying through the Christmas Market along Bayside Pathway. The market items for sale like special edition snowglobes and Nutcrackers are only available during the Celebration, so why not take care of all of that Holiday shopping at once, with gifts from the heart that can’t be found anywhere else.


10) The Christmas Pathway

Shop and dine at the Christmas Market. Guests can also relax near the warm glow of the fire pit with a holiday cocktail while experiencing a wonderful view of the vibrant Sea of Trees. One of the best places to watch the Sea of Trees is after the Christmas Council’s lighting of the Bayside Villiage Christmas Tree show, sitting on a bench by a fire pit, holding your family close. And be sure to stop by and see the elves, they will be so sad if you don’t!