Things to do at Forever Florida

Forever Florida whisks visitors over untouched Florida terrain, experiencing nature like never before. No matter what adventure you choose during your visit to Forever Florida, come prepared to encounter native Florida wildlife, amazing scenery, and an adventure of a lifetime. Forever Florida will take you ziplining, horseback riding, camping, and adventuring hrough the wild on a beautiful nature conservancy in St. Cloud, Florida.

Did You Know?

Interesting & useful facts


Forever Florida have the only zip line roller coaster in the United States


You can be a cowboy for a day at this working ranch


Ride a monster trail buggy and explore the local eco system

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Zip Line Roller Coaster

Our zipline-coaster merges the freedom of a zipline with the stomach-dropping, adrenaline punch of a roller coaster. Jump from a 78-foot platform and let gravity twist, dip and zip you through the treetops. You’ll reach speeds of 35 mph and experience 2 g’s of force on this dynamic, aerial thrill ride. This free-flying, nerve-testing adventure can’t be found anywhere else in the United States and is a ride you’ll never forget!

Zip Line Course

Race your friends on the fastest and longest parallel ziplines in Florida. Plunging from 78 feet high you’ll soar at 30 miles per hour down 1,300 feet of extreme zipline! If you can take your eyes off the finish line, this thrilling adventure offers breathtaking views of the conservancy.

7 Story Free Fall

Step off a 7-story platform into a thrilling – but safely controlled – free fall to the ground below. This 78-foot drop is unlike any other adventure in Florida, and was designed for serious thrill seekers. The 78-foot-high challenge tower beckons the brave of heart to test their nerves and free-fall to the ground below. All riders are safely secured to the control tower, which assists the rider to a safe landing. Beware, the panther pounce has been known to cause extreme adventure-seeking habits, and unforgettable thrills.


Horseback Trail Adventure

Experience an afternoon as the first Florida settlers, riding Florida Cracker horses through untouched terrain.

This fully-guided trail ride brings you through historic trails of unspoiled Florida. Riders of all experience levels can mosey through a forest of cypress, oak and palm hammocks seeking wildlife and experiencing the adventure that welcomed Florida’s first settlers.


Cattle Drive Adventure

Receive a lesson in riding Florida Cracker cattle horses, then you and your fellow rough riders will take a peek into the history of Old Florida and drive cattle from one pasture to the next. Rounding up cattle is no trail ride, you’ll be working hard to keep your herd tight, collecting strays, and sorting selected cows into an arena.


Cowboy For A Day

Experience cowboy life first hand as you and your group shadow our ranch’s foreman through an anything but typical day on Crescent J Ranch. After a lesson on horseback riding, you and your friends could be rustling up cattle, rotating them from pasture to pasture, checking fences, and caring for livestock. You never know what can be all in a day’s work as you tend to the ever-changing and always exciting scenes of a working ranch. Whatever the ranch needs, you’ll provide in this authentic cowboy adventure, complete with cowboy hat and a lunch fit for a cowhand.


Horseback Camping Adventure

The Horseback Camping Adventure lets you rough it like a cowboy for a night. A three hour trail ride brings you through the unspoiled wilderness of Florida to a remote campsite – equipped with running water and restroom facilities. Awaiting your arrival is a tent accompanied by a campfire-grilled steak dinner. Relax and relive stories of the trail around a roaring fire, and sleep under the stars. In the morning, enjoy a hearty ranch breakfast at the campsite prepared fresh from the Charolais Cafe. Then it’s time to saddle up and head through the wilderness back to the barn.


Trail Buggy Adventure

The Trail Buggy Adventure is a guided tour that brings visitors deep into the wild of Florida from the comfort of our one-of-a-kind Trail Buggy. For the adventurer who prefers knowledge and the excitement that comes with seeing native Florida wildlife in their natural habitat, the Trail Buggy Adventure is right up your alley.


Big Cat Trail Buggy Adventure

Board one of our Trail Buggy’s at Forever Florida and start with a tour of the pastures of the Crescent J Ranch where you’ll learn about the historic breeds of Spanish Colonial cattle and horses. The tour continues to where guests will see native ecosystems, countless species of wildlife, and learn about the conservation efforts in place to keep Florida wild. Then on to a visit to the Central Florida Animal Reserve (CFAR) to see the big cats that include lions, tigers, cougars and leopards up close and personal on your guided family walking tour of the facility and end up back at Forever Florida. Check-in time is 12:30 PM at the Forever Florida visitors center, return time is approximately 3 pm


Sunset Trail Buggy Adventure

Start with a grass fed burger and fries with lemonade or iced tea. Then board the Trail Buggy for a ride through Forever Florida. Viewing the herds of endangered breeds of Spanish Colonial cattle and horses. Then travel deep into the wild of Florida seeing native wildlife in their natural habitat as you travel the adjoining conservation area. So much to see and learn as you explore the wild! There is a 2 person minimum to book, cost is $40 per person.