New Raft Ride For SeaWorld?

Is SeaWorld Orlando building a new raft ride?

New SeaWorld Orlando Raft Ride

Local rumors have been popping up lately regarding possible SeaWorld Orlando additions, but the two strongest seem to circle around a new water raft ride or a new off-the-shelf coaster.

New SeaWorld Orlando Raft Ride Rumors and Possibilities

The loudest rumors seem to now point to a new round raft-style river rapids ride. Theme park news site WildGravity Travels recently posted a story that included  several photos of the area surrounding the former Hospitality House, with what looks to be construction flags and markings. In that post, they seem to be leaning toward a river rapids ride as the most likely option for Orlando’s 2018 offering.

That area of the park currently includes the former hospitality house, some floating gardens, a former animal encounter area that is mostly unused now, a retention pond and the old Clydesdale horse stables. This back corner of SeaWorld is mostly a walkway between other areas and has little to draw visitors to it.

A water based family type ride would help even out the increase in full throttle thrill rides that the park has opened in recent years. Antarctica, in 2013, was the last family ride to open in the park and the only major family addition since 1998. The park is rumored to be shifting many of their shows, including the Blue Horizons dolphin show, to be more educational in the coming months, meaning that a certain entertainment factor will be needed all the more in the park.

According to the good folks at  WildGravity Travels, a new rapids ride could include a vertical elevator-style lift and might include other new-to-the-market features. The lift would help differentiate the rapids ride from others found at Disney, Universal and Busch Gardens, while also allowing the rapids ride to fit in a smaller footprint.

Is SeaWorld building a new raft ride? Fans of Orlando Attractions will just have to wait and see!