New Orlando Attractions Mobile App

What’s appening at Our new mobile app that’s what! It’s a comprehensive FREE hand held guide to all the fun Orlando has to offer. Stay ahead of the game and be the first to see the latest deals & attraction news that might influence your vacation plans.

Download and WIN!

To mark the launch of the app in the UK & Ireland we have some very cool back-packs to give away as prizes, courtesy of our friends at SeaWorld. Each one contains some bonus SeaWorld goodies including a beach towel & a disc phone charger. All you have to do to be eligible to win is download the app, click on the ‘More’ navigation tab and choose the ‘Contact Us’ option. Dash off a quick e-mail with ‘SeaWorld Contest’ in the subject line and be sure to include your name and UK/Irish address – the best of luck!

*Winners will be drawn at random April 1st 2018. *Open to UK/Irish residents only.

Click HERE for a FREE Download of the app for APPLE  Devices.

Click HERE for a FREE Download of the app for ANDROID Devices.


You absolutely need to download the official Disney & Universal apps for those big theme park visits. But they are not much help when it comes to anything else in Orlando or the surrounding area. The local information contained in our app is much more diverse, and you can watch highlight videos from dozens of different Orlando’s attractions. There’s also a handy planner for keeping tabs on your daily activities.

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Vacation Ideas:

We have some great ideas for more laid back destinations that are an easy drive away with LIVE driving directions. Choose from thrilling eco adventures, wildlife encounters and all the very best guided tours.

Local scene:

Check out Orlando’s pulsating performing arts scene & many cultural events as well as features on local bites and brews.

Driver Info:

There’s also advice & information for those renting a car and LIVE driving directions to get back to the airport from wherever you are in Florida.


Once you’ve got the app the updates will happen automatically – this is just the beginning.


  • Latest Orlando Attraction News Stories & Updates
  • Detailed Theme Park Info
  • Park Maps
  • LIVE Attraction & Destination Driving Directions
  • At a glance video guides
  • Vacation Planner
  • Day Trip Options & Favorite ‘Local’ Destinations.
  • Cheap Ticket Deals & Coupons
  • Rental Car Safety & Orlando Airport Info
  • Shopping & Dining Info
  • Usable Offline