SeaWorld Challenge To Ride All Coasters In One Day

On Tuesday, August 16, SeaWorld Orlando is challenging park guests to ride all six roller coasters in the park to celebrate National Roller Coaster Day. With the most roller coasters in a single park, SeaWorld Orlando is known as the Coaster Capital of Orlando. Guests can feel the speed of an apex predator on Mako, discover the wonder of a forgotten kingdom on Journey to Atlantis, or race around Sesame Street on Super Grover’s Box Car Derby.

Participating guests will get a lanyard to keep track of the roller coasters they ride. Once guests finish the challenge and post on social media with the hashtag #CoasterCapital, they will get to keep their commemorative lanyard and will receive a Quick Que Unlimited pass to use on another day at SeaWorld Orlando. Guests must post to their social media pages to secure their Quick Que Unlimited pass. The roller coasters at SeaWorld Orlando are:

  • ALL NEW Ice Breaker: Rated the #1 Best New Theme Park Attraction by USA Today’s Readers’ Choice Awards, Ice Breaker has the steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida, sending guests on a 93-feet tall spike with a 100-degree angle.
  • Mako: Rated the #1 Best Roller Coaster by USA Today’s Readers’ Choice Awards, Mako hits speeds up to 73 mph and races up to 200 feet high.
  • Manta: Riders will go head-first, face-down on an inverted nosedive on the only flying roller coaster of its kind in Florida.
  • Journey To Atlantis: Guests will explore dark, watery passageways through the sunken city before being flung from its gates down a thrilling plunge into the waters below on this exciting flume ride/roller coaster hybrid.
  • Kraken: Orlando’s only floorless roller coaster has riders travelling at highway speeds to heights of more than 150 feet.
  • Super Grover’s Box Car Derby: This family-friendly coaster is full of fun hills, big turns, and mini-dives! This action-packed race is the perfect first steel roller coaster for kids and adults!

There are a limited number of lanyards that will be available, so guests are encouraged to come to the park early in order to make sure they are able to participate in the Coaster Capital Challenge.