More Clues On Star Wars Hotel

A few more clues on the upcoming Star wars Hotel were revealed this week by the Orlando Business Journal. “Star Wars fans hungry for the day they can check into their hotel at Walt Disney World may be getting a tiny sample of what to expect, based on some new permits regarding the project. State permits filed by Walt Disney World earlier this month gave a closer breakdown of the future Star Wars hotel project — codename “Project H” — that will debut next to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and be part of a much larger potential experience with Disney’s new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land opening at the theme park next fall.


For example, here are a few things that stand out:

  • Varying rooms: The rooms at the resort may be split into two styles: Regular cabins and first-class cabins. It’s possible there may be larger suite-style rooms that could be booked, but the plans don’t share those yet.
  • Cruise-style layout: The building does appear to resemble the layout of a cruise ship with many of the amenities grouped together, the rooms grouped to their own areas and the use of nautical terms such as “starboard.” Since the story is to put guests on a starship, it still fits the terminology needed, but it also supports the notion that stays at this hotel will be treated as a destination of its own outside the theme parks.
  • (Space) Shuttle service: Getting to the hotel appears to maybe have a little extra storytelling. One segment of the site map shows an area where a shuttle vehicle would connect to a “Transport Hall” as one of the primary entrances to the facility. The plans even depict what appears to be an air-lock that could attach to shuttles to allow guests to “board” the hotel spaceship. That would suggest that the storytelling process of the experience begins on the shuttle over to the property.
  • Food & Fights: Amenities depicted on the plans are few, but two stand out: A buffet area and a space called “Dojo.” The buffet concept in a hotel further supports the cruise-like atmosphere of the hotel and gives at least one form of dining that will be available. Odds are the hotel will offer an assortment of dining options including luxury sit-down dining. In addition, an area called “Dojo” presents an intriguing option that may lay out as a fun area where guests who wish to be trained by a Star Wars Jedi could do so. It may also serve as a semi-exercise room for guests, but with a small Star Wars-like spin to it.
  • Boutique in size: The plans show what would be only a little over 30 guest rooms on the first floor. Past plans have suggested the hotel would only be two stories, so the overall room count could be around 60. That is definitely small for a Disney hotel, but it may be on purpose for the experience to be contained and managed on such a immersive level.

There’s still no definite timeline for when the hotel will open, nor the price it will cost to stay there for the Star Wars experience.

However, it’s safe to say with the debut of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge set for next fall and these plans already making their way through permitting processes, chances are the hotel will likely be ready for the company’s 50th anniversary in 2021.”