Mine Blower Opening

Attention thrill seekers of all ages who just can’t resist a thrilling touch of roller coaster nostalgia! The all new ‘Mine Blower’ which is being billed by Funspot as Central Florida’s only WOODEN roller coaster with TWO vertigo-inducing inversions opens this Friday, June 23rd. The new ride is situated at Funspot’s Kissimmee location on US Highway 192.

mine blower

This popular park is directly next door to Old Town USA, which is itself undergoing significant improvements and should be worth a visit. Coaster afficionados will be gratified to know that the new ‘Mine Blower’ coaster provides 11  incidences of ‘airtime’ and hits a grand old top speed of 48.5mph! The word is to hold onto your hats for dear life. That first drop we are told is just as dramatic as it looks and it’s immediately followed by that much anticipated barrel roll! My 13 year old is salivating at the very thought of it so I guess we are going!

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