Louise’s Lowdown On All Things Orlando

Welcome to the first installment of Louise’s Lowdown…

Whilst I can’t promise to give thrills like the parks do, I’m here to tell you all about what’s new, what’s old and what’s to come with a little bit of gossip in between! If you are following us on social media you will of course know that we love a good collab and our next Louise’s Lowdown will be all about our friends Sarah and Gaz who filled our screens with festive goodness from Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

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This week saw the incoming price hike go live on Disney park tickets….these are eye watering to say the least! We hope you have deep pockets for those Disney trips going forward! Whilst we love Disney as much as the next person we are left wondering… Will Disney end up pricing themselves so high out of reach for us regular guests?
This went live on December 8th… with big cost changes coming in to effect dependent on your park of choice! Whilst the date of entry has effected the cost for some time now the park you chose to enter didn’t come in to play. From the looks of things all parks will now have a ticket cost increase other than Animal Kingdom which is pretty much staying the same. Whilst we anticipated higher prices those peak day prices will definitely pull at the purse strings! Although the prices are already live direct with Disney, we are holding the current prices for a little while longer so grab them while you can!

Ready for these prices…
Magic Kingdom varies between $124 – $189
Hollywood Studios varies between $124 – $179
Epcot varies between $114 – $179
Animal Kingdom varies between $109 – $159

Those who take snacks into the parks with them we can now see why!

We are officially saying our farewells to Splash Mountain! A bitter sweet ending for a firm family favourite – but we are so excited to see Tiana’s Bayou come to life! Make sure to get your last Splashy ride in before January 22nd 2023!

Te Fiti has made her grand arrival at Epcot ready for the Moana themed attraction “Journey of Water”. Te Fiti stands at a whopping 16 feet high! The Journey Of Water is set to be a walk through attraction based on the world’s cycle of water. We are eager to see this in hopefully late 2023!

All these Genie+ changes are keeping us on our toes… Hopefully things will start to settle soon and become a little clearer! Lightning Lanes are to become changeable in the next few weeks! You will no longer have to cancel and rebook, these will be able to be edited! This does have to be within the same park as your original booking.


What’s going down on Illumination Avenue? Villain-con Minion Blast is touching down at Universal Studios in Summer 2023 – Say goodbye to Monsters Cafe and an exciting “Bello” to Minion Cafe! Featuring our favourite denim bibbed, goggle loving minion’s!
We know your mind is wondering… Is there not already a Despicable Me ride at Universal? Given it’s huge success and ever bigger wait times the simulator currently gives thrills for all the family. With the new Minion Blast be ready to take a stroll through Villain-Con as you put your skills to the test to see if you can join Vicious 6! Is destruction your thing? Grab your interactive blaster and build up your points causing havoc along the way.

This week we have had the grand opening of Universal’s Great Movie Escape – Can you find your way out of Back To The Future and Jurassic World?
With two themed escapes… Jurassic World: Escape and Back to the Future: OUTATIME, guests are tasked with changing activites and solutions to escape all whilst being enjoyable for the whole party based on skill level!
Ticket prices for this are starting from $49.99 (+ tax) per person… with each room able to hold up to a party of 6.
Now for the best bit… The escape rooms are also home to two bars! So if the task of escaping isn’t for you, we will find you sat sipping on a Raptor Bite! Team tequila with mango juice, triple sec, lime juice, Chili Bitters and jalapeno will be sure to pass the time nicely.

Did someone say Halloween Horror Nights? We are already bursting to get there for 2023… Check out the video release for Chucky, it looks like he’s back with a vengeance in this house!


The SeaWorld Christmas Celebration is kicking off this year and the fact that it’s included within your regular park admission makes it even better! Picture ice skating, Santa meet and greet, sparkling lights? I’ve got you all in the festive feels right? All of SeaWorld’s amazing attractions are operating as usual through the event with the added bonus of extra shopping opportunities, all the holiday themed merch!
Holiday Reflections – team fireworks, dazzling lights and festive music to create the most exciting finale to your day.
And… if your dreaming of a white christmas – the Waterfront transforms in to a perfect Winter Wonderland with snow falling from the sky!

SeaWorld is really bringing the goods through for Spring 2023, Pipeline is making it’s grand entrance! Feel the power of the waves – coming in at a mighty 110ft high and reaching speeds of up to 60mph! We are in for a treat to ride this one of a kind surf coaster! We are such SeaWorld fans in the office that this news is so exciting!

Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens are also having a wild 2023 with the upcoming Serengeti Flyer, forget the rest this is set to be the worlds tallest and fastest swing! Speeds of up to 68mph reaching a wild 135 feet! Sit back to back and feel the g force! We will be all in the feels with the extensive views of the Serengeti!

If you managed to make it to the end… hats off to you!