Leaked Image of New Potter Coaster

Well look here! Insider theme park website OrlandoParkStop.com has posted an image of what it claims is a conceptual rendering of the new Potter coaster in construction in the Islands of Adventure theme park. The site, which credits the concept art to an unknown source, said the image matches closely with previous aerial shots taken of the construction and supports rumored monikers for the ride that have circulated around town.

Harry Potter Coaster Rumors

Here’s more from the owner of Orlando ParkStop, via the post:

“There have been a lot of rumored names floating around on the internet, especially in recent days. The one I believe to be the accurate name for the new coaster is “Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.” However, there is now talk of that name being shorted to simply “Hagrid’s Magical Creatures.”

“With rumors of several different creatures from the Wizarding World, including ones we have yet to see on the other rides, it’s no surprise they would want to include the term “Magical Creatures” into the name somehow. Plus, the class that Hagrid teaches in the stories is called “Care of Magical Creatures.” And after all, Hagrid will be the star of this attraction.”

“Not only will Hagrid be the star here, but his motorbike and sidecar will be as well. That’s because the coaster trains themselves will be modeled after his iconic motorbike. . Hagrid’s the star of the ride, we’re going to encounter Magical Creatures, and we’re going on a Motorbike Adventure. So, sure, that name makes sense all around.”

No Comment From Universal

Executives with Universal  not surprisingly have not commented. However, the park has slowly teased its plans for the new attraction via images and online posts. The ride has been described as a “highly-themed coaster” with a “new level of storytelling with an action-packed adventure, and a few surprises along the way.”

Promotional images show the coaster track emerging from what is likely the Forbidden Forest, based on the small fairy-like creatures around it. That further supports the notion that the new attraction will be based on the creatures from the Potter franchise.