How to Stay Physically Fit at Altitude Kissimmee

Why do adults make exercise so boring? You spend hours on the treadmill or elliptical machine while your kids bounce around pretending to be ninjas. Physical fitness can benefit people of all ages – but it’s essential for kids. The healthy habits kids build at a young age can stay with them through adulthood. If they enjoy physical activities when they’re young, prioritizing fitness will be less of a struggle in the future.

One of the best places to combine fun and fitness in the Orlando area is Altitude Kissimmee Trampoline Park. Learn how stunt bags and zip lines can help your kids stay fit.

Trampoline Gyms Support Heart Health

Trampoline gyms like Altitude Kissimmee get your heart pumping in multiple ways. First, the various activities create low-impact cardio workouts. Kids can challenge each other to basketball games and jump extra high to make their shots. They can run and flip across the gymnastic tumble track, which gets their hearts pumping with fun and exercise.

Altitude Kissimmee also provides excitement and adrenaline rushes for kids in a safe setting. Preschoolers and teens can navigate the ropes course, bending and climbing across a series of challenges high above the ground.

Most importantly, Altitude Kissimmee is committed to promoting heart health in kids. It’s a proud sponsor of the American Heart Association’s Life is Why Campaign. The sponsorship includes providing more fitness programming, Fit Fun Facts, and AHA paper hearts and connecting it back to heart health.

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Young Kids Can Start to Build Muscle

Trampoline gyms aren’t just for jumping. They also provide opportunities to climb, crawl, stretch, and balance (at least before falling into a safe foam pit). Each of these activities contributes to overall physical health. When kids learn to balance, they use their lower bodies and core muscles to stabilize themselves. When kids pull up a rope, they use their arm and back muscles.

Over time, your kids can start to get stronger just by visiting Altitude Kissimmee. They can build foundational muscles that will support them throughout their lives. They can even help complete more chores around the house as they become stronger.

Visiting Altitude Kissimmee can also help kids participate in recreational sports and join school teams. The balance they acquire on the Battle Beam can be used on the football field. The muscles built on the Reaction Wall can give young athletes a leg up on the volleyball or basketball courts. Even running and playing with friends can increase endurance. Train for other physical challenges at the same time!

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Kids Model Your Example

Your kids pick up on more than you realize and learn to mimic your feelings and reactions to different parts of the world. If you complain about going to the gym and whine about exercising, your kids will have the same negative associations with physical fitness.

Instead, join your kids at Altitude Kissimmee to get fit – there’s plenty of space for adults and kids. Challenge your kids to create dramatic poses on the stunt bags and watch as they climb up the ladder and fly through the air. Jump together and get your heart rates pumping to make everyone forget this is a workout. Spending time with your kids at Altitude Kissimmee shows that you have a positive association with physical fitness and proves that exercise can be fun.


Work Out in Any Weather

Altitude Kissimmee is an indoor, climate-controlled trampoline gym. It’s always a good time to visit, even when pouring rain or the outside temperature exceeds 100 degrees. While most outdoor workouts are canceled in these conditions, Altitude Kissimmee is open and ready for you. You don’t have to give up on your fitness plans just because it’s too hot or too wet.

Enjoy Family Fitness at Altitude Kissimmee

If you haven’t visited Altitude Kissimmee, now is the best time. For a minimal fee, your child can enjoy hours of jump time daily, with buddy passes available. This unlocks the door to unlimited opportunities to get fit, get your heart pumping and build muscles in a low-impact environment. Sign up today and prioritize fitness as a family.