Going For A Spin On Cobras Curse…

Orlando Attractions Update – Here’s an official first look  at the spinning ride vehicles of the Cobra’s Curse roller coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

The latest coaster at Busch Gardens is unique in the fact that the ride vehicles spin, at times randomly, as riders navigate 2,100 feet of track.

This week, the Tampa theme park gave us our first look as the ride vehicles of Cobra’s Curse in action.

The coaster is broken into three stages. The first takes riders up a 90-degree vertical lift to come face-to-fang with King Venymyss, an 80-foot golden snake statue.

The second phase sends riders entirely backwards, before the free-for-all finale that spins riders randomly based on weight distribution.

The ride trains consists of two cars holding four people each. Cobra’s Curse is classified as a family-friendly coaster, with a height restriction of 42 inches.

Cobra’s Curse is expected to open this summer, but Busch Gardens hasn’t released an official opening date.

Cobra's Curse spinning ride vehicle