Give Tank America A Try

Let’s be honest. Many of us watch action films and think if only for a moment, it might be really fun to be an action star. Exciting car chases, military-style missions, and a lot of loud, explosive adrenaline-pumping adventure. Well, now, just 50 minutes from Orlando in Brevard County, you can live at least of few of those dreams at one of the most unique experiences around. Give Tank America a Try!

Tank America


Tank America puts you in the middle of the action and directly in the driver’s seat as you navigate across the landscape in an FV433 Abbot military tank. This adventure theme park is set on 35 lush acres of land that includes a 5-acre deep water lake, plenty of jungle terrain, and rolling trails cutting through the forest.

The topography features a 1/2 mile course which billows up steep hills, traverses mud holes, whips around hairpin turns and across straightaways. With room for one driver and 3 passengers, you’ll be fighting to roll that tank into action. You will drive through swamps and obliterate ANYTHING in your path, including CARS.  Yes, nothing will stand in your way behind the wheel of a tank.

Laser Tag

Tanks aren’t your thing? How about a game of laser tag? Not just any laser tag, but TACTICAL laser tag in a 20,000 square foot air-conditioned building built out with a period-specific military theme for a high intensity, incredibly authentic experience. Players will feel immersed in realistic combat conditions. From the military-themed wall decorations to the props and replica weapons, 90 minutes of laser tag has never felt so real.


So real in fact, local Melbourne Police use it as a team-building destination.

It’s like being in the middle of your own action movie!


Open Wednesday thru Sunday, take a look at all they have to offer and plan your trip around some major tactical fun at Tank America